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Batista catches up with WWE Instant Access caught up with several Superstars after their matches at Taboo Tuesday. Here is what Batista had to say after he defeated Coach (with Vader & Goldust) in a Street Fight: What's it like to return to RAW for this special one-time situation?

Batista: Well, it was very sudden. It's always a pleasure to come back to RAW, where I made a name for myself. In some ways, I still consider it home, and that's really just because of the close ties I have with certain people. Do you have a prediction or feeling on the upcoming Ric Flair vs. Triple H match tonight?

Batista: That's really a hard one to call. Hunter I consider to be the toughest S.O.B in the business. Ric in his prime was easily "The
Man." I think now it's going to come down to who really wants it. They're both tremendous competitors, but when it turns to a personal thing, the worst comes out in people. With those two, being as good as they are in the situation they're in, it's too hard to choose. Did you prepare differently for this match knowing that Vader and Goldust would be present?

Batista: I had no time for preparation. I try to keep myself in shape all year long , which is hard to do for any athlete. But along with the match being a surprise, Taboo Tuesday is completely unpredictable because it's in the hands of the fans. As World Heavyweight Champion, who is on your radar now in terms of contenders to your title?

Batista: You know, I've always been the type of competitor to welcome all challengers. The same still holds true. The guys I see as threats to my title would be Eddie Guerrero, Randy Orton, and Chris Benoit. Benoit is always a threat. I would like to do crossover challenges, and matches with Kurt Angle and of course John Cena would be at the very, very top of my list. I would love to be Undisputed Champion. You're ranked No. 1 among all WWE Superstars in this week's POWER25 ratings. How does it feel to know that?

Batista: It's an honor. I had no idea. But whether I'm ranked as No. 1 or at the bottom of the list, I still strive to give the best performance possible. What are your thoughts on this ongoing RAW vs. SmackDown rivalry that continues tonight?

Batista: Out of personal pride, I consider SmackDown to be the dominant show. I think a lot of the SmackDown performers feel they've been overlooked. I get the feeling that WWE puts more into RAW as far as advertisements. It's a hard thing to live with being a prideful person. I feel that SmackDown could easily take over the RAW show without anyone missing a beat. I believe we'll prove that in the coming months. Like I said before, I want nothing more than to be Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.

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