Comparing Team Barrett and Team Orton

Comparing Team Barrett and Team Orton

WWE’s second-longest running pay-per-view extravaganza is November’s annual Survivor Series. Like WrestleMania, Survivor Series has changed and evolved over the years while remaining deeply rooted in tradition. Perhaps the greatest tradition of the event is the 5-on-5 Elimination Match— such as Team Orton vs. Team Barrett, which pits bitter rivals against each other on opposite teams in what will undoubtedly one of the most heated contests of the evening. (MATCH PREVIEW)

However, this match-up is much more than rivals battling it out in the rich tradition of Team Hogan and Team Andre in 1988. This particular match features former World Champions, battle-hardened ring veterans and the brightest young Superstars in all of WWE.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy OrtonLeaders of men
An obvious advantage for both teams is their captains. Randy Orton and Wade Barrett are both proven leaders of their fellow WWE Superstars. The Viper mentored Ted DiBiase and current Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes as part of The Legacy. Barrett led his fellow WWE NXT season one alums as The Nexus in one of the most brazen attacks in WWE history. Barrett’s leadership was also key in forcing John Cena to join his group. Interestingly enough, Survivor Series 2010 featured then-WWE Champion Orton defending against Barrett.

Cody RhodesChampionship caliber
Between Team Orton and Team Barrett, there are a number of former champions and current Champions. The Viper’s squad sports both WWE’s Apex Predator and Sheamus, two former World Champions, while Team Barrett fills its World Title ranks with Christian and Jack Swagger. Christian is also a former Intercontinental Champion, as is Wade Barrett, and of course, there’s current Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. But Team Orton boasts a stable of former Intercontinental and United States Champions. The Celtic Warrior and Kofi Kingston are former U.S. Title holders while Orton and Kingston have both held the Intercontinental Title. Kingston is also one-half of the current WWE Tag Team Champions.

Orton Survivor Series 2004Experience factor
Both Team Orton and Team Barrett feature three Superstars each that have each competed in a past traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. The Viper has the most Survivor Series matches under his belt with six. WWE’s Apex Predator is also a proven sole survivor, being the last man on his team in 2004 and 2005. This is Kingston’s third Survivor Series Elimination Match and Sheamus’ second. In the opposite corner, Christian and Cody Rhodes have each competed in three Survivor Series elimination bouts a piece, while Swagger has been involved in two. These veterans can draw on their own experiences to help guide the younger and “rookie” Survivor Series competitors. But this also highlights a serious advantage for Team Orton; Wade Barrett has never been in a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.

HunicoUp and coming Superstars
While there certainly is a great deal of experience between the two teams, there are three Superstars in particular who are still in the very early stages of their WWE careers.  But make no mistake — Mason Ryan, Sin Cara and Hunico are each formidable competitors in their own respect. The Welsh powerhouse Ryan brings pure strength, intimidation and an unbridled intensity to Team Orton. While WWE’s masked marvel Sin Cara brings his high-flying lucha-libre style to his Survivor Series debut, Team Barrett counters with Hunico who wants nothing more than the demise of Sin Cara.

Who will survive? Whose team of elite Superstars will reign supreme? Tune in to Survivor Series on Sunday, Nov. 20, live at 8 p.m. ET/5 PT, only on pay-per-view

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