Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

This is an unusual thing to say, but John Cena has a problem. He’s set to face The Authority in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match. But if what has happened to Dolph Ziggler is any indication, anybody Cena so much as sniffs at as a potential replacement — or even speaks to at all — will be targeted for elimination almost immediately after. The November classic is a few weeks away, so Cena’s still got awhile to round out his ranks, but he’ll need to find Superstars of uncommon gumption and skill with the desire to fight the machine. Happily, has a few suggestions.


Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

Feed him more? How about feed him five. Ryback’s return to form this past Monday was both a relief for the WWE Universe and a wake up all (or is that a “WAKE UP!” call) to the locker room that The Human Wrecking Ball is back on the hunt once again. If he’s looking to make a statement, taking on The Authority is the way to do it. But this makes sense on a whole other level: The Big Guy’s Survivor Series history is already intertwined with Cena’s — he battled CM Punk and Cena for the WWE Title in a Triple Threat Match in 2012. And we can all agree it’s about time he got some payback against at least one of those upstarts who put him through a table later that same night, no? — ANTHONY BENIGNO

Sami Zayn

Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

Given the possibility of suffering backlash from The Authority, joining Team Cena doesn’t seem to be a safe play for any Superstar. That’s why the Cenation leader might need to look outside the WWE main roster — say, to NXT stalwart Sami Zayn — for assistance. The French-Canadian sensation has everything Cena could want in a partner: He’s fearless and undeniably skilled, plus he seems to take pride in fighting for what’s right, much like Cena. Never mind the fact legends like The Undertaker and The Rock both debuted in classic Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Matches. If you’re looking to make a splash in WWE, you could do far worse than premiering at WWE’s second-longest-running event as a member of the 15-time World Champion’s squad. — JOHN CLAPP


Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

For certain victory at Survivor Series, the Cenation leader needs to build a team made from bold choices. And the boldest move Cena could make is undoubtedly a bizarre one.

Few, if any, current Superstars can bring to the Team Cena table what Goldust can. Everyone sees the current WWE Tag Team Titleholder’s outlandish appearance, but they also miss his rise in becoming one of the 15 most decorated champions in WWE history. As much of that success came in partnership with an eclectic mix of grapplers from Ricky Steamboat to Booker T to Stardust, Goldust can offer countless examples of his ability to work well with others when the stakes are high.

Sure, Goldust hardly has any shared experiences with Cena. If they can get along for one night, however, then a partnership between the Cenation leader and The Bizarre One could easily create the foundation for an unstoppable team at Survivor Series.

Zack Ryder

Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

So anyone who joins Team Cena at Survivor Series will be on The Authority’s “naughty list.” Sounds like a nothing-to-lose opportunity for Zack Ryder. Long Island Iced-Z singlehandedly led WWE’s charge into social media and made himself star in the process. This was well before WWE management even saw the value in social media and made it a major part of the company’s marketing strategy. A former WWE Tag Team and United States Champion who still trends worldwide on Twitter when he sporadically appears on TV for even a minute, the Broski has been overlooked by The Authority for years and even excluded from WWE 2K15! Survivor Series could be Ryder’s opportunity to become a player again and stick it to the man (and woman). Woo Woo Woo, You Know It! —  @JOEYSTYLES

Dean Ambrose

Five potential members for Team Cena at Survivor Series

Filling out the ranks of John Cena’s Survivor Series team to face off against The Authority should be none other than Cena’s most recent uneasy ally, Dean Ambrose. Sure, The Lunatic Fringe has his hands full with Bray Wyatt, and The Eater of Worlds’ involvement is a dangerous variable. However, Dean Ambrose is the personification of a variable — he’s so unpredictable and so unorthodox that it’s nearly impossible to predict his next move.

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Issues with Wyatt aside, he’d make a perfect addition to Cena’s team for two reasons. He has no love for The Authority and certainly no love lost for his former Shield brother Seth Rollins. Even if his one-on-one battle with Rollins was cut short by the mysterious and frightening cerebral tactics of Bray Wyatt, there is no doubt Ambrose would give Cena a huge advantage. — KEVIN POWERS 

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