Instant Access with Trish

After defeating Melina at Survivor Series, Trish Stratus joined Instant Access to talk about her victory, MNM and more. Do you believe your victory over Melina proves that you're the most dominant Diva in WWE?
Trish: Well, I don't like to say things like that, but I think my work speaks for itself.
Mickie: Of course Trish is the most dominant, just look, she's the Women's Champion! Do you think Melina or MNM will think twice before they mess with Trish again?
Mickie: Absolutely. Look at her! She kicked Melina's butt all over the ring!
Trish: Ah. Yes, I concur. What advice do you have for any woman who has the dream of becoming a Diva one day?
Mickie: I think that you should go out and buy every Trish Stratus tape you can find! Study all of those because she's the best ever!
Trish: I thank you for the compliment, Mickie. Well, whatever your goal is, follow your dreams and reach for the Stratusphere. 

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