Main Event

SmackDown Elimination Match
Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Big Show & John Cena def. Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns & Carlito
Survivors: Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, John Cena

There was certainly no love lost between these two sides. Perhaps the most bad blood between these two sides was with Carlito and John Cena. Cena had been out of commission for months with a kidney injury. Although it was never confirmed, it was believed that Carlito and his henchman Jesus was behind the attack. This was the first time these two Superstars were face to face since the attack. The encounter between them didn't last long, either. Cena immediately went after Jesus and Carlito, prompting Carlito to run towards the backstage area. Before Cena could really get his hands on Carlito, he and Jesus sped away in a stolen car.

With Carlito eliminated, Angle's team was at an early disadvantage. Angle and his associates were hanging tough, though, and the Olympic Gold Medalist was able to roll up RVD for the pin to even things up. Eddie Guerrero didn't waste any time getting into the match, though, as he quickly rolled up Mark Jindrak and used the ropes for leverage for an elimination. Big Show was able to eliminate Luther Reigns with a chokeslam, leaving Angle to fend for himself against Show, Guerrero and Cena. Angle was able to trap Big Show in the ankle lock, but the largest athlete in the world powered out, sending Angle to the outside.

Big Show threw Angle back into the ring where Cena hoisted him up for the FU. Eddie then scaled the ropes for the Frog Splash. And Big Show got back in the ring for the pin and the victory.

RAW Elimination Match
Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Maven def. Triple H, Batista, Edge & Snitsky
Sole Survivor: Randy Orton

There was a lot more on the line than just wins and losses in this one. The winning team would get to take turns as the General Manager of RAW for the four weeks following Survivor Series. GM Eric Bischoff was taking a one-month vacation, so what better way to keep RAW running than to have the winning team be in control.

In addition to having the opportunity to run RAW for a week, another incentive for Randy Orton was to get his hands around the necks of his former Evolution-mates Triple H and Batista. Orton was kicked out of Evolution after SummerSlam because Triple H believed that only he should be a World Heavyweight Champion. Edge and Chris Benoit had also been going at it recently. After Edge wasn't voted into the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Taboo Tuesday, he became irate and turned on his former friend and tag team partner for the night, Benoit. The two had been battling ever since.

Orton had his shot against both Triple H and Batista early, but they were able to stay on top of their former friend utilizing quick tags. Orton was eventually able to tag in Benoit who cleaned house, delivering German suplexes to anything that moved. He then hit his patented diving headbutt, but Snitsky broke up the pin. Benoit was also able to lock in the Crossface on Benoit, but Batista broke that up, and Triple H hit the Rabid Wolverine with the Pedigree for the elimination.

After Ric Flair interfered, causing Chris Jericho to take a spill, the referee ejected the Nature Boy. Batista then went on the offensive. Batista had Jericho right where he wanted him, but Orton leveled the Animal with the World Heavyweight Championship belt, allowing Jericho to pin him for the elimination.

Triple H and Edge started double teaming Orton and sent him through the announce table with a suplex. Then Maven, who had been out of commission from an attack prior to the match, came down to the ring and cleaned house. Snitsky came back and whacked him with a chair causing a disqualification. The damage was done, though, and Maven was easy pickings for Triple H. Jericho tried to swing the momentum back in his team's favor, but he was greeted with a spear by Edge for the elimination. This left an already wounded Orton to fend for himself against Triple H and Edge.

Triple H and Edge were just pounding away on Orton and seemed to be almost toying with him. Triple H then held Orton up for Edge, but when Edge went for his spear, Orton got out of the way and The Game went down. Orton was able to recover and hit a surprise RKO on Edge for the pin leaving the two former friends against each other in a final battle of survival. Orton tried to go for the RKO, but Triple H gave him a low-blow. He went for the Pedigree, but Orton spun out of it and hit the RKO from out of nowhere for the pin and the win.

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