Main Event

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H went to a no-contest

Just before the previous Survivor Series, Stone Cold was knocked out of commission when he was hit by a car. It was later learned that Rikishi was the driver, but it was Triple H who was the mastermind behind the whole "accident." This was the first time Stone Cold and Triple H met since the incident, so the emotion in this one was at an all-time high.

The match broke down in a hurry and turned into an all-out brawl as the action spilled to the outside. Stone Cold bashed a monitor over The Game's head and then celebrated with a few beers as Triple H was busted wide open. Triple H reversed a Stunner attempt, but Stone Cold brought the action back to the outside and back body dropped The Cerebral Assasin through a table. Stone Cold brought his victim back into the ring and hit the Stunner, but he wasn't satisfied with scoring the pin and never even attempted a cover.

Stone Cold and Triple H battled all the way to the back where the Radicalz attacked the Texas Rattlesnake. Triple H retreated to his car, but before he could drive off, Stone Cold got into a forklift and latched on to The Game's car. Stone Cold lifted the car 15 feet in the air and dropped it onto the concrete in a hellacious turn of events. There was no winner in this one, but Stone Cold was successful in gaining revenge against The Game.

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