Main Event

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
Big Show def. Triple H and The Rock to become new WWE Champion

This was the first time a Triple Threat Match headlined a Survivor Series. Stone Cold was originally slated to participate in the match with Triple H and The Rock, but he was hit by a car prior to the event. It was ruled that a mystery man would occupy the vacant slot, but it wasn't known until the match began that it would be Big Show.

The Rock and Triple H temporarily joined forces early on to try and take out the largest athlete in the world. The action spilled to the outside and The Rock and The Game got the monstrous Big Show up and suplexed him through an announce table. The action returned to the ring and The Rock hit a Rock Bottom, but the ref was knocked out. Shane McMahon ran to the ring and took over, but it was only a two-count. The People's Champ hit a second Rock Bottom, but while Shane was counting, Big Show had recovered and pulled him out of the ring.

Big Show and The Rock started going at it. Triple H went to grab the belt, but Shane stopped him. Shane promptly received a Pedigree for his troubles, though. D-Generation X then stormed the ring, but Mr. McMahon ran in after them. Mr. McMahon took a swing at Triple H but missed. He hit him on the second try, allowing Big Show to hit him with the Chokeslam for the win and his first WWE Championship.

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