Main Event

WWE Championship Tournament Finals
The Rock def. Mankind to become new WWE Champion

Mr. McMahon had recently screwed Stone Cold out of the WWE Championship and made the match between Undertaker and his brother Kane at Breakdown for the title. Stone Cold was the referee for that match, and it ended up being declared a no contest. Therefore, the WWE Championship was vacant and a tournament was set up to crown a new Champion at Survivor Series.

Plus, before Undertaker and Kane did battle, they put Mr. McMahon in the hospital. While laid up, Mr. McMahon had an interesting visitor -- Mankind. This is when Mankind also debuted Mr. Socko. Mr. McMahon showed his appreciation for Mankind's actions by giving him the Hardcore Championship, and seemed to be backing him in the tournament.

To get to the finals, Mankind defeated Duane Gill, Al Snow, and Stone Cold. The Rock went through Triple H, Ken Shamrock and Undertaker. Mr. McMahon and his cronies did everything they could to make sure Mankind made it to the finals. In fact, Mr. McMahon was even at ringside for the final match.

The action soon spilled to the outside where The Rock went on the offensive, but the People's Champ soon turned his attention towards Mr. McMahon. This one soon turned into an all-out brawl with the action going back and forth, inside the ring and out. Mankind hit a DDT and went for the Mandible Claw, but The Rock came back with a Rock Bottom. It only got a two count, but The Rock then locked Mankind into the Sharpshooter, and then, reminiscent of the previous year, Mr. McMahon called for the bell. He had screwed Mankind out of the WWE Championship and sided with The Rock.

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