Tale of the Tape: WWE Champion Edge vs. John Cena

One of the highlights of this year's SummerSlam is the showdown between WWE Champion Edge and former champion John Cena. The contest will be the next chapter in what has been a long and bitter rivalry, one that has controlled the RAW landscape for months. The tale of the tape for this clash illustrates the magnitude of the success that both competitors have achieved in WWE. Edge brings a stellar 6-1 record at SummerSlam to this year's event, while John Cena brings a spotless 2-0 record of his own. At the Biggest Party of the Summer, one of these men will be forced to add a rare blemish to their impressive SummerSlam resumes.

Edge's impressive SummerSlam resume was started in 1998, where he appeared as the mystery partner for the feisty Diva pioneer, Sable. The popular duo was victorious against the team of Marc Mero & Jacqueline.

In 1999, The Rated-R Superstar suffered his first and only SummerSlam defeat, and did so in hard-luck fashion. Along with partner Christian, Edge participated in the five-team Tag Team Turmoil match, and they almost accomplished a near-impossible feat in the process. The duo eliminated The Hardy Boyz, Viscera & Mideon and Droz & Albert before being stopped by the eventual winners, The Acolytes. While they eliminated three other teams, they came up short when it mattered, dropping Edge's SummerSlam record to 1-1.

In 2000, Edge & Christian were a part of one of the most memorable matches in WWE history when they defended the World Tag Team Championship against The Dudleys and The Hardy Boyz in the first-ever Tag Team Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. The fans in Raleigh were treated to an incredible spectacle as the participants went flying in every direction, on many occasions crashing through tables on their way to the floor. When it was all over, history had been made and Edge & Christian were the victors.

In 2001, Edge faced Lance Storm for the Intercontinental Championship. In a matchup of highly skilled Canadian-born Superstars, Edge got the upper hand, capturing his second Intercontinental Championship and pushing his SummerSlam record to 3-1.

In 2002, SummerSlam was graced with a classic matchup as Edge took on WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. At the time, neither man had captured the WWE Championship, but during this match, it was apparent that both were headed to the top of the WWE mountain. On that night Edge was victorious, pinning Eddie after a spear

In 2004, both Edge and John Cena were active at SummerSlam. Edge returned after a one-year break from the Summer spectacular to face Batista and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat for his Intercontinental gold. Even with the odds heavily stacked against him, Edge found a way to win and retain his gold, pushing his record to 5-1 at the Summer spectacular.

Meanwhile, John Cena's SummerSlam debut in 2004 couldn't have gone any better than it did. Cena defeated King Booker with the F-U to go up 1-0 in their best-of-five series for the United States Championship. Their match may have been the sleeper of the night, as just two years later, both men have a chance to be their brand's champion when SummerSlam is said and done.

At last year's SummerSlam, both Edge and John Cena were in action again. After weeks of torment, Edge was victorious in a bloody battle with Matt Hardy that was basically a brutal assault. Due to repeated blows to an already concussed Hardy's head, the referee was forced to step in and stop the match, making Edge the winner and the owner of a 6-1 SummerSlam record.

Cena enjoyed similar success last year. Then the WWE Champion, he put his gold on the line against Chris Jericho. Jericho, who had already unsuccessfully challenged Cena for the gold on numerous occasions, found the result to be much of the same on this night. Cena was victorious, pushing his undefeated SummerSlam record to 2-0.

This year, two of RAW's biggest talents will meet face-to-face when Edge and John Cena collide for the WWE Championship. You can witness the history for yourself on August 20th, when SummerSlam comes to you live at 8/7 CT and only on pay-per-view.

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