Rated R or Rated FU?

When WWE Champion Edge climbs into the ring with his challenger, John Cena, at SummerSlam, he may be facing a competitor that’s hungrier to defeat him than ever before. The Rated R Superstar crossed the line when he traveled to the Cena residence in West Newbury, Mass., and intruded at Cena’s father’s home. Then, Edge did the most deplorable thing imaginable—he hit Mr. Cena with a devastating right handed slap, knocking him to the ground in his own house.

The WWE Champion has shown no resentment for his actions. In fact, he’s been boastful of them.

“Ask John Cena’s dad if he can chew his food this week,” the shameless WWE Champion boasted. “His jaw was on the other side of his face.”

Cena sees the incident as the straw that broke the camel's back.

“I’m pissed off. You can’t—you can’t do that. I mean, f*ck, what the hell is next? He’s gonna go slap my mom around? Where do you draw the line? That sh*t aint right,” an enraged Cena said.

Edge saw it as a tactic for victory, saying it was part of a grand scheme that is much too complex for the rest of WWE to comprehend.

“I’m a tactician. I’m a chess player. I play chess inside the ring better than anyone else, better than maybe even the Cerebral Assassin. That’s what I do, and that’s been my latest play. We’ll see how John plays back,” he said.

The Rated R Superstar’s “latest play” has inspired his challenger to unleash a side that WWE fans have never seen before. And at SummerSlam, he’s going to let it all hang out.

“That sumbitch really backfired on the psychological warfare,” Cena said confidently. “My dad and my brothers are going to be front row…and if I’m ever in trouble, if I’m ever feeling as if I want to quit or I can ever hear the “1-2” I won’t let there be a “3” because I know that they’ll be right there,” said Cena.

Cena is responsible for cutting Edge’s first championship reign short at the Royal Rumble. Each attempt by the Rated R Superstar to reclaim the gold was unsuccessful. Until ECW One Night Stand, Edge was seemingly out of the championship hunt.

But at One Night Stand, he interfered with the match between Rob Van Dam and Cena to give RVD the victory. Eventually, he was able to regain the WWE Championship from RVD in a Triple Threat Match on the July 3 edition of RAW. Although Edge was able to become the champion again, Cena no longer respects Edge for his accomplishment.

“For a sliver, for a millisecond I respected him for being a very smart champion, because not everybody kicks down the door of the saloon and wants to challenge everybody to a gunfight. But after what happened this week, f*ck him.

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