Main Event

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker for the WWE Championship

This match was billed as the Highway to Hell. Stone Cold had previously lost and then won back the WWE Championship from Kane, and now he was challenged by Kane's brother, Undertaker. In fact, Stone Cold and Undertaker had been forced to become teammates in the months leading up to SummerSlam, and they proved to be a successful tandem as they even capture the World Tag Team Championship at one point. The evil Kane had been trying to lure Undertaker to his side, but heading into the match, Undertaker was still only loyal to himself.

Kane came out at the beginning of this epic clash, but Undertaker told his brother to go to the back because he didn't want any help. The action spilled into the crowd early on and by the time they get back to the ring, Undertaker was in full control. After throwing Stone Cold into the steel steps, Undertaker set Stone the Rattlesnake up on the Spanish Announce table and delivered a top-rope leg drop through the table. Undertaker looked to have things in control, but he missed a charge into the corner as both Superstars were knocked out. Undertaker went for Old School soon after, but Stone Cold delivered a low-blow, and was able to hit the Stunner for the win.

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