Main Event

Diesel vs. King Mabel for the WWE Championship

Diesel was one of the biggest Superstars in WWE at the time, but Mabel would be by far his biggest challenge for the WWE Championship to date. Mabel was coming off the heels of his impressive King of the Ring victory as he ran through Undertaker and Savio Vega to win the tournament. Although he had enjoyed success in the tag team ranks, it was clear he was now a force to be reckoned with on the singles scene, and Diesel would get a first-hand experience of that at SummerSlam.

Diesel got out to an early advantage, but Mabel's size began to be too much for Diesel. Mabel came back with a slam and a splash before the referee got knocked out. With the referee incapacitated, Mo joined Mabel in beating down Diesel. Lex Luger came in to make the save, though. Mabel remained on the advantage, but missed a second-rope splash. Diesel then went to the ropes and hit a flying shoulder block for the win to retain his WWE Championship.

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