Edge and Cena to collide this Saturday

At Saturday Night's Main Event the WWE Championship will be on the line when WWE Champion Edge steps into the ring against John Cena. It's no secret that Cena and the WWE Champion don't get along. In fact, saying they don't get along is an understatement.

"We don't like each other. We have absolutely nothing in common," said Edge of his challenger. "When you have two guys that are complete opposites going for the same thing, this is what you get. It's been going on since New Year's Revolution and I plan on ending it. This needs to end with me walking away with the gold."

At New Year's Revolution, Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank Championship opportunity he won at WrestleMania 21 to take on Cena immediately after Cena outlasted Kurt Angle, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters and Carlito in an Elimination Chamber Match. Edge was able to defeat a fatigued Cena— who competed with virtually no rest— after delivering two Spears. 

For his match this Saturday, Cena said he's putting his personal feelings for Edge on the backburner.

"Edge isn't on the top five of my list of people I'd invite over to my house to share a Coors Light with," said Cena of the Champ. "Personal issues aside, it's for the WWE Championship. That's the focus."

Cena's prepared himself for a hard-fought battle with the Rated R Superstar, and plans to use the energy from the primetime network TV crowd to push his adrenaline into overdrive. He's also not allowing himself to get bogged down in his past encounters with Edge.

"Especially in '06, I've come across some questionable decisions, but I've always held my head up," said Cena. "If you stay bitter and you bitch and complain about it, you're only bringing yourself down. You always have to think about your next match, and my next match is on Saturday."

The main event this weekend will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Who will reign supreme? Will a new WWE Champion be crowned? Tune into NBC at 8/7 CT for Saturday Night's Main Event to see these two Superstars vie for their claim to the biggest prize on RAW.

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