Saturday night's alright for fighting

Saturday night's alright for fighting

NEW YORK -- WWE's return to NBC Saturday night saw the historic return to the ring of boxing legend Evander Holyfield. Our fans also witnessed WWE Champion John Cena get flattened by Randy Orton. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin showed up for the affair, only to send Mr. McMahon to the floor. But that's not all. Saturday Night's Main Event also featured two stacked tag team matches with sneak previews of SummerSlam, just around the corner.

Batista & Kane kicked off the show, taking on their respective rivals, The Great Khali & Finlay. While the World Heavyweight Champion has had an edge over The Animal recently, squeezing his head like a grape on SmackDown, Batista had the Big Red Machine to help his cause this time. During the contest, Batista & Kane gave The Great Khali a taste of his own medicine, burying him with a double chokeslam.

Kane had the chance to exorcise some of his own demons as well. He and Batista were able to do what millions of kids try to do unsuccessfully every March 17 -- catch a leprechaun. They made the most out of their accomplishment, using Hornswoggle as a battering ram on the Indian giant. When Batista & Kane were done dominating their opponents, The Animal put the cherry on top with a Batista Bomb and a three-count at Finlay's expense.

In other tag team action, ECW Champion John Morrison & Big Daddy V took on champion-hopeful CM Punk & Boogeyman. For weeks, it seemed Morrison had Punk's number, defeating him in two consecutive ECW Championship Matches. But when the Straightedge Superstar pinned Morrison during his 15 Minutes of Fame open challenge, the tables began to turn.

Boogeyman and Big Daddy V provided scary competition, but the intensity when Punk and Morrison were in the ring was as extreme as ever for a Saturday night. When the music was over, it was Punk who left with a smile on his face, pinning the champion for the second time in two weeks. (WATCH)

Did these tag team battles foreshadow what's to come at the Biggest Party of the Summer? The only way to find out is to catch SummerSlam live on pay-per-view on August 26 at 8/7 CT.

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