WWE and Jenny McCarthy SmackDown autism

WWE and Jenny McCarthy SmackDown autism

Jenny McCarthy and the WWE team up to fight autism on Saturday night, Aug. 2, at Saturday Night's Main Event at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Jenny will personally join WWE Superstars for this very special edition of Saturday Night's Main Event. Ben Stiller, Toby Keith, Jewel and Billy Ray Cyrus are among the celebrities who will send their messages of support for Generation Rescue's fight against autism.

"Many of our viewers have children or friends who are affected by autism and the WWE is committed to helping fund programs for families in need and advancing research that will help this generation of children," said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Throughout the show, WWE Superstars will encourage viewers to donate their time and money to better educate themselves on the subject of autism. WWE.com will provide news and information from Generation Rescue on autism and promoting autism awareness.

"I love the WWE and when Vince McMahon called me and said he wanted to join the fight and help families suffering with autism I was really excited," said actress and best-selling author Jenny McCarthy. "Who better to have on your side in a fight than WWE?"

Generation Rescue is a parent-founded, parent-led organization of more than 450 mentor families and leading researchers and clinicians from around the globe. Generation Rescue's mission is to continue to discover and share the truth with families about the potential cause of their child's neurological disorders so they can focus on effective treatments. Additional information about Generation Rescue can be found at GenerationRescue.org.

Donate now by visiting Generation Rescue's Web site.

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