Who does Alberto Del Rio have "in his pocket"?

Alberto Del Rio hints that somebody else has something to say about the Brogue Kick: WWE.com Exclusive, Sept. 10, 2012

Alberto Del Rio talks to WWE.com about somebody else having something to say about Sheamus' Brogue Kick.

In a WWE.com exclusive interview conducted Monday night following Raw, Alberto Del Rio dismissed any possibility of SmackDown General Manager Booker T reversing course on his recent decision to ban Sheamus' Brogue Kick. The Mexican Aristocrat alluded to the existence of a mystery man or woman who is allegedly in the No. 1 contender’s "pocket," ready to back up his and Ricardo Rodriguez’s claims that the Brogue Kick is exceedingly dangerous.

After decimating Tyson Kidd on Raw, the No. 1 contender to The Great White’s World Heavyweight Title was confident and animated in the interview, boldly stating that "Sheamus is nothing without the Brogue Kick."

At that point, Del Rio dropped an ominous bombshell: "Everybody is on my side — Ricardo, Otunga and somebody else. Somebody else is in my pocket right now, but that will be a surprise this Friday on SmackDown."

So, who is this mystery indidual supposedly in Del Rio’s pocket? Could it be that there's a previously silent witness to the purported dangers of the Brogue Kick?

Maybe, but Del Rio’s choice of words is curious — he doesn’t describe the mystery person as someone who's "in his corner," but someone who is "in his pocket," possibly hinting at the fact that The Mexican Aristocrat has paid off a new accomplice in his and Ricardo’s crusade against the Brogue Kick.

If that is, indeed, the case, the obvious next question the WWE Universe would most likely not want to even think about asking: Is the mystery man Booker T, or someone in his administration? The SmackDown General Manager is building a reputation as being resolute and firm. And yet, his wavering on the issue of banning the Brogue Kick left the WWE Universe shaking its collective head. Booker can't possibly be under Del Rio’s thumb ... can he?

While the banishing of the Brogue may well give Del Rio a huge advantage against the champion at Sunday’s pay-per-view, The Mexican Aristocrat might have another ace up his sleeve — or "in his pocket" — to finally defeat Sheamus and claim his "destiny."

The WWE Universe will just have to wait until Friday to see exactly what Del Rio has in store.

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