What is Eve's Agenda?

The Bella Twins are fired by Eve: WWE.com Exclusive, April 30, 2012

Executive Administrator Eve fires The Bella Twins after their Triple Threat Divas Title Match.

The WWE Universe learned Friday night that even "Big Johnny" needs a day off every now and then. Luckily for him, though, he had a temporary replacement ready and willing to step right into his role.

John Laurinaitis, General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown, decided to take a "personal day" Friday, opting to leave newly appointed Executive Administrator Eve in his place. Throughout the show, Eve was called upon to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities usually reserved for the GM, and the Diva looked right at home dishing out orders.

Since being appointed Executive Administrator by Mr. Laurinaitis, Eve has certainly established her presence, showing no qualms in wielding her newfound power. From her relentless mistreatment of Theodore Long to her shocking firing of The Bella Twins earlier in the week, Eve has definitely made the most of her opportunity.

But is there a hidden agenda behind the recent actions of the former two-time Divas Champion? Put simply, what exactly is Eve’s endgame?

As any great detective will tell you, cracking most cases comes down to answering the following question: Who benefits?

Looking at Eve’s actions as Executive Administrator so far, the answer to that question may be clear, but her possible ulterior motives just might surprise you.

"Mrs. Excitement"?

What is Eve's Agenda?

Possessing sole control of SmackDown on Friday night, Eve faced a big decision right off the bat.

Still licking the wounds from his exhausting victory over Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus faced Bryan in a rematch to open the show. It is unclear whether Eve approved the contest, but it did happen under her watch.

During that bout, Alberto Del Rio — No. 1 contender for The Great White’s World Title — interfered and locked Sheamus in the excruciating Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio’s interference caused the bout to end in a disqualification. Shortly thereafter, Bryan reentered the ring and administered the “Yes!” Lock on The Celtic Warrior, further wrenching the champion’s already injured shoulder.

After the match, both Bryan and Del Rio appeared in Eve’s office and Bryan demanded that his match against Sheamus be continued later in the night. For her part, Eve would not be intimidated, telling the A-list Superstars, "I’m in charge tonight!" After consulting with ringside physicians, it’s clear Eve came to the conclusion that Sheamus, though in visible pain, was in fact fit for competition.

In a move that was eerily reminiscent of one by John Laurinaitis himself, Eve appeared to be more concerned with taking publicity photos of Antonio Cesaro and Aksana and furthering her embarrassment of Teddy Long than she was with the well being of one of her top Superstars — instructing the former head of SmackDown to rub oil on Cesaro for the photographs. Since coming into her new role, Eve has been increasingly tough on Teddy, emulating the actions of Laurinaitis.

While Eve’s decision to allow Sheamus to compete may have been consistent with her immediate supervisor’s wishes, maybe there’s even more beneath the surface.

Could it be that Eve has set her sights right in the direction of WWE’s EVP? Laurinaitis was proven to be fallible when it became clear that Brock Lesnar wasn’t going to play by "Big Johnny’s" rules. Is Johnny being shortsighted when it comes to his new Executive Administrator, as well? Is Eve simply playing Johnny the same way Lesnar has — and the same way she did to Zack Ryder? Or is there something else that’s motivating Eve?

Something like championship gold, perhaps?

Thinning the Herd?

What is Eve's Agenda?

Just before Eve fired The Bellas during the April 30 episode of Raw SuperShow, the twins made it clear that they not only could do Eve’s job, but also plan to actually take the job someday. Thinking they’d had the last word in a heated backstage exchange, Nikki and Brie turned to walk away, but Eve called them back.

Citing a poor economy and budgetary cuts, Eve matter-of-factly dropped a bombshell on the Bellas — and on the WWE Universe. The newly appointed Executive Administrator unceremoniously fired the twins, wishing them "the best of luck in their future endeavors."

Maybe Eve’s actions were a result of a sense of paranoia over her new gig. If she honestly felt threatened by the Bellas’ insinuation that they could take over for her one day, the move makes perfect sense. While that’s certainly one possibility, there might be something even bigger — and more conspiratorial — brewing in Eve’s head.

It’s also possible that the beautiful and conniving Diva is taking a dictatorial approach in her new position in an effort to “thin the herd” in the Divas division, perhaps positioning herself to challenge for Layla’s title in the near future.

If that is, indeed, her endgame, will Eve continue to be a player in the competitive Diva ranks? And, if so, just who might still be left now that Eve’s power in the role of Executive Administrator has grown?

Speaking of growth, just how high might Eve’s career aspirations reach?

Shooting for the Stars?

What is Eve's Agenda?

It’s even within reason to speculate that Eve is attempting to take her career in WWE to a whole new level — a corporate one. Like Vickie Guerrero and even Stephanie McMahon before her, Eve seemed confident and completely in control as she guided SmackDown on Friday.

Thrown into the fire during the week following a historic Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Eve appeared to make decisions effortlessly and seamlessly transitioned into a role of great authority.

Her ability to put both Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio in their respective places was admirable, and perhaps telling of a future climbing the ranks of WWE’s corporate ladder. With such an opportunity feasible and seemingly within her reach, what lengths will she go to make such a possibility a reality?

After a week filled with shocking moments, the WWE Universe can only wonder what Eve’s objective may be. One thing is for sure, though: The former Divas Champion seems primed to do whatever it takes to stay in a position of power.

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