WWE.com goes inside a very special DiBiase Posse Party

WWE.com goes inside a very special DiBiase Posse Party

For weeks now, the WWE Universe has been hearing about them, this dedicated sect of fans who come to the shows not for John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton or even Zack Ryder, but instead for Ted DiBiase. They don't quite come in droves yet, this "DiBiase Posse," but they're growing in numbers by the day. Most importantly, they're every bit as passionate as, say, the Cenation and the Zack Pack, organizing tailgating parties before the show which DiBiase himself has been attending. In any case, they've definitely become enough of a presence to earn an on-air shout-out from Michael Cole every time DiBiase competes on SmackDown.

And now, they're being repaid (handsomely, might we add) by their hero to boot.

Moved by his fans' affections, DiBiase put his family's wealth to use and organized his very own DiBiase Posse Party at this Friday's SmackDown in Jacksonville, Florida (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS). Unlike the earlier, more Spartan incarnations of the event, The Fortunate Son spared no expense in organizing the first DiBiase Posse Party of its kind. Catering and gifts were supplied to the fans who attended, delivered by DiBiase himself, who, for his part, was visibly moved by the outpouring of support from the WWE Universe.

Ted DiBiase entertains fans at DiBiase Posse Party, Smackdown 12/9/11"It was everything I hoped it would be," an overjoyed DiBiase told WWE.com after the event had concluded. "I tell you what, [the WWE Universe] enjoyed themselves, and that's what it was all about. And I, in return, enjoyed myself. I had a great time. They had a blast, and I had a blast, man."

In addition to free food, DiBiase also arranged a few surprises for the assembled Posse in the form of some special guests: NXT Rookie Titus O'Neil and WWE Divas Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes all stopped by the party to rub elbows with the fans and throw their support behind DiBiase as well.

"There's a lot of energy [at the tailgate], everybody's super-excited. There were a lot of fans there," Alicia told WWE.com. "I'm from Jacksonville, so I was really praying there was gonna be a big turnout, and they rocked the house."

DiBiase hinted that, at future gatherings, other WWE Superstars and Divas could be making appearances as well. "There's buzz in the locker room, everyone wants to join," he chuckled. "When the boys are excited, you know it's something special, so we will definitely have more special guests."Ted DiBiase signs a lucky fan's back before Smackdown, 12/9/11

For the coup de grace, DiBiase presented the crowd with an exclusive T-shirt, even offering the one he was wearing to a lucky fan when he ran out. This, to the surprise of few, struck a particular chord with Rosa Mendes, though not necessarily for the charity of the thing.

"I'm definitely going to come to more DiBiasse Posse Parties, and I'm going to hide all the shirts and make sure there's one left, which is the one he's wearing, so he can take that shirt off and I can see his six-pack," Rosa laughed with a mischevous grin.

Still, though Mendes might be inclined to disagree, the biggest surprise of the night wasn't an unexpected appearance by DiBiase's abs. One of the first guests to arrive was a young Posse member, Brendan Engelmann, who had taken it upon himself to make a DiBiase Posse sign. As a token of gratitude, Brendan was presented with a pair of front-row tickets by the generous Superstar himself. The boy's reaction, to DiBiase, was the highlight of the event.

A young fan gets a pair of free tickets at the DiBiase Posse Party, Smackdown 12/9/11"When I pulled those tickets out, the look on his face was priceless," DiBiase said. "His mom was so excited, and that right there, if it was just him that showed up, it would have made the party. Just the look on his face, the excitement and the happiness, that's what this is all about."

For more DiBiase Posse updates, be sure to follow Ted on Twitter (@TedDiBiase), and check for Posse details with the hashtag #DiBiasePosse.


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