Ten Must-Haves to enjoy SuperSmackDown Live this Tuesday

Ten Must-Haves to enjoy SuperSmackDown Live this Tuesday

Ready for a special LIVE SuperSmackDown on Syfy this Tuesday at 8/7 CT? Slow down, playa. WWE.com offers up 10 items you need to fully enjoy this spectacular event.

10. Official WWEShop.com gear of your favorite SmackDown Superstars

9. Fully-charged mobile phone or tablet so you can talk #SuperSmackDown on Twitter

Paper bag8. Paper bags to hide your face any time Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes is mentioned - or worse, appears

7. Movie tickets – this way you can catch a flick on Friday night after getting your SmackDown fix on a Tuesday

6. A computer and plenty of questions to ask during Tuesday’s Live chat on WWE.com

5. J.R.’s Chipotle Ketchup – great on burgers, fries, onion rings and more! (Order here)J.R.'s Chipolte Ketchup

4. Extra battery for your laptop, so you can watch WWE NXT Redemption on NXT.WWE.COM at 10 ET/7 PT right after SuperSmackDown

3. WWE collectible 7-Eleven Slurpee and Super Big Gulp cups to enjoy your favorite beverage

2. Ear plugs for when Ricardo Rodriguez introduces WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio

1. Enough living space for doing your best Booker T Spin-a-Roonie. Bonus space for your impersonation of a Teddy Long entrance

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