Who could tell Sin Cara from Sin Cara?

Who could tell Sin Cara from Sin Cara?

On the Sept. 16 edition of SmackDown, Sin Cara’s post-match attack on Daniel Bryan was interrupted by … Sin Cara?

Just moments after the supposed one-of-a-kind masked Superstar had unleashed his incredible arsenal of gravity-defying maneuvers in a match against Bryan, a second Superstar suddenly emerged, dressed exactly like the Sin Cara in the ring. Charging to the ring to the international sensation’s entrance music, the second Sin Cara executed the familiar leap over the top rope in stunning acrobatic fashion.

As the two mysterious battlers began to size each other up – circling the ring, mask to mask – the WWE Universe was left in an absolute state of shock and confusion, wondering just what was going on?

Though the issue remained unresolved as SmackDown came to a close, the appearance of two Sin Caras begged the question: If there are two of them in existence, would the WWE Universe be able to tell them apart?

Click here to investigate an action-packed photo gallery of Sin Cara's tenure on SmackDown and see if you notice any differences.

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