Sheamus is 'kicking' Christian out of contention

Sheamus is 'kicking' Christian out of contention

For months now, Christian has been telling anyone who would listen that he deserves "one more match" for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, in light of the numerous setbacks he has suffered at the hands of Sheamus in recent weeks, perhaps the disgruntled Superstar should instead turn his focus to The Celtic Warrior – before there is nothing left of him to challenge a World Champion.

On the Sept. 9 edition of SmackDown, Sheamus emerged to ridicule Christian's continued insistence that he deserves another title opportunity, calling him a "mangy dog" and ordering him out of the ring. When the angry Superstar returned to exact revenge during his Irish foe's match, Sheamus nearly took him out with the Celtic Cross (WATCH).

embedcolon25034184One week later, Christian & Wade Barrett lost a tag team match to Sheamus & Justin Gabriel. Although it was Gabriel who got the pin on Barrett, “The Great White” invited his fuming adversary back into the ring to finish things between them. Christian, a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, would lose major ground in the eyes of those picking the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title by not rising to the challenge.

Two days later at Night of Champions, Sheamus interrupted yet another plea for "one more match," blasting his complaining prey with an earth-shattering Brogue Kick. (PHOTOS) Although this may have made things beautiful in Buffalo for the WWE Universe, it continued to lower Christian’s appearance as a serious challenger for the World Title.

His descent was only hastened one day later on Raw SuperShow, when Sheamus' Four-Man Tag Team reigned supreme over the team that included his irate adversary. embedcolon25034846

When Christian did finally get "one more match" against the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry - a Lumberjack Match on the Sept. 23 edition of SmackDown - the first Irish-born WWE Champion was there to halt his escape one more time.

embedcolon25035890This led the outmatched challenger not only to get pinned by the enraged champion, but also  suffer the devastating power of The World's Strongest Slam.

It's futile to assume that Christian's constant rants for "one more match" have ended with his loss to Henry. However, before he goes down that road yet again, he might want to address the red-haired roadblock that continues to thwart his golden journey.

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