Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

Over the past several months, AJ has entangled herself with Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion CM Punk in a very off-the-wall way. Most recently, she took the game to a new level, keeping the WWE Universe on its toes as a special guest-referee in the WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank ( RESULTS) and trading in a chance to marry WWE's "Yes" man in order to become the General Manager of Raw.

However, this is not the first time a WWE Diva displayed unusual behavior. Mentally unstable Divas have often had a considerable role and impact in the squared circle as contenders, champions, managers and in any other conceivable way.

And just like CM Punk, WWE.com digs these devious Divas, prompting us to talk about our feelings with this list of some of the screwiest Divas in WWE history. From the catty to the all-out batty, the slightly manic to the totally bonkers, these off-the-wall beauties could just about make you lose your mind.

And after you have journeyed into the sweet madness, check out our exclusive unstable Divas photo gallery and playlist and vote for who you think is the loopiest Diva ever!

Sherri Martel

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

“Sensational” Sherri Martel could do it all. As a competitor, the wildly intense Diva defeated her mentor, The Fabulous Moolah, for the Women's Championship in her WWE debut and would go on to hold the title for more than a year. As a manager, she channeled an aura of absolute intensity as she successfully guided legends like Shawn Michaels, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and "Macho Man" Randy Savage to main events and championship glory.

The fact she would do anything to achieve success for herself or her clients made the single-minded Martel stand out, even in the ultra-competitive world of WWE. With outrageous face paint and outfits, she knew how to make an entrance, and her tenacious attitude threw many an adversary off their game before the bell even rang.

Sherri was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by DiBiase in April 2006, securing her place in WWE lore not only as one of the most passionate and intense Divas ever, but one of the greatest, as well.

Vickie Guerrero

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time


Nearly every week, those words echo in the collective ears of the WWE Universe like bones rattling in the night. As a manager to Dolph Ziggler, Guerrero is one of the most loathed figures in WWE, and with good reason.

While clearly calculating and ambitious one minute, Vickie can, and will, work herself into a manic frenzy the next. Her wretched shrieks surely haunt the dreams of many a child. Her disdainful grimace can be maddening. And she will lie, cheat and do anything within her power to lead her client to victory.

But how did the sweet wife of Eddie Guerrero morph into the "Queen Diva"?

Well, it could be that the power of stints as Raw and SmackDown General Manager corrupted her. It could be the nervous breakdown she suffered after Edge asked for a divorce. It could be the slap she received at the hands of Snooki of “Jersey Shore” fame.

Regardless, the fact remains that Vickie is a vital – and unpredictable – part of WWE, and she’s done more than enough to earn her place on any list of WWE’s most unpredictable Divas.


Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

Some Divas simply look like they have a screw loose. If the average member of the WWE Universe saw the menacing Luna Vachon or big, bad Bull Nakano walking toward them in a darkened alley, they would most likely turn and run. Victoria, however, was an example of the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Elegant, athletic and beautiful, Victoria also had a mean streak to match.

Her entrance theme song may have been underselling it when it said "[Victoria] ain't The Lady to Mess with!" The two-time Women’s Champion is remembered as a dangerous and devilish competitor. For many of her years in WWE, Victoria was a sadistic villain who would go to any lengths – no matter how extreme – to defeat her opponents. Battling Trish Stratus and Molly Holly, among others, Victoria could be set off by words, actions or imagined slights.

If a Diva received attention or compliments, Victoria was there to steal the spotlight – or to administer a beating. Even “friends” like Torrie Wilson weren’t safe from her rages, as Victoria could change her alliances in a split second. If one needs further proof of her intensity, look at WrestleMania XX, when she humiliated Molly Holly in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden by shaving her head.

Bull Nakano

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

In 1994, a new, brutal type of Diva emerged in WWE in the form of big Bull Nakano. With spiked green hair and creepy, spider web-like designs painted on her face, Nakano arrived in WWE with one goal in mind: winning the Women's Championship.

A major star in her native Japan for the majority of the '80s, she set her sights on Alundra Blayze and wreaked havoc on the champion at every turn. In November 1994, the powerhouse defeated Blayze for the title in Tokyo's Egg Dome and would hold the championship for more than four months.

Armed with the intimidating combination of size and freakish athleticism that allowed her to execute aerial maneuvers like moonsaults off the top rope, Nakano was a beastly foe for any Diva. However, it was her all-out, animalistic nature that made her a truly unique competitor, who viciously roared, grunted and groaned her way through the women’s division.

Though the ferocious Japanese oddity was only on the WWE roster for one year, her jaw-dropping ruthlessness from the opening bell would leave a lasting impression on her adversaries, the entire Divas locker room and WWE Universe. In her brief time in WWE, Nakano cemented herself as one of the most barbaric Divas to ever step through the ropes.

Mickie James

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

When she debuted in WWE in 2005, the beautiful Mickie James made no secret that she was enamored with her fellow Diva Trish Stratus. Her obsession grew and grew, until it culminated when the two locked lips under a sprig of mistletoe during the holiday season. When Stratus rejected James’ continued advances, James went off the deep end, vowing to destroy Stratus. Although she would eventually morph into a less malicious force, James always displayed that wild streak, and she remained wholly unpredictable throughout her time in WWE.

From spurned admirer to Women’s Champion, Mickie James turned her unrequited love into fuel for her success in the Divas Division. With her unmatched drive and desire to win, James was able to gain the Divas Championship once and the Women’s Championship five times.


Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

Dazzling, calculating and volatile, Maxine was a no-nonsense Diva who got whatever she wanted. After a successful run on WWE NXT, the foul-tempered bombshell debuted on Raw SuperShow on May 7. Beautiful and composed at a glance, Maxine became a feral beast inside the squared circle – and often outside, too.

She fought dirty, screaming and pulling hair, and many opponents  learned the hard way that once she locked in her Dragon Sleeper finisher, it was lights out. When Maxine couldn't get her way in the ring, she showed no hesitation to use her feminine wiles to manipulate men, as Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis and William Regal have all fallen under her spell.

Up to a certain point, one could have made the case that Maxine was simply ambitious and goal-oriented, not unstable. Even when the cast of NXT teamed up against her and called her a psycho, one could argue she was getting unfairly judged. However, that argument went out the window on the March 21 episode of NXT Redemption, when Maxine and Johnny Curtis knocked Matt Striker unconscious with a chloroform rag so Maxine could join Regal on commentary. In the fallout of that shocking assault, she introduced the "new" Maxine, a calm, collected persona.

However, every member of the WWE Universe knew the truth: Maxine was always a raging inferno just waiting for the opportune moment to be unleashed.

Luna Vachon

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

With a half-shaven mane of blond hair, freaky face paint and a sneer that never seemed to leave her face, Luna Vachon never fit the mold of a typical WWE Diva.

Inside the ring and out, Vachon was one of the wildest Divas in WWE history. With intensity, toughness and a never-before-seen look, the second-generation competitor climbed from the rough rings of Japan and Extreme Championship Wrestling to the top of the WWE Women's Division.

A manager and, often, mixed tag team partner to memorably unique Superstars like Bam Bam Bigelow and The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, Vachon would rather cause pain than look pretty. Unfortunate opponents like Sable and Jacqueline have the scars to prove it.

Even though she never captured the Women's Championship, Luna was one of the most feared and respected competitors of the 1990s. At a time when the word "Diva" was being redefined in WWE, Luna Vachon used her talents and unique look to carve out a niche as the Women’s Division’s feral force of nature.

Gobbledy Gooker

Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

Perhaps the most literal of all of WWE’s “chicks,” the turkey-costumed Gobbledy Gooker appeared at Survivor Series 1990.  "Hatching" from an oversized egg, the Gooker was not a big hit with the WWE Universe and, surprisingly enough, did not make more appearances.

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