Danger in the Workplace

Danger in the Workplace

The incredible path of destruction created by Mark Henry in recent weeks has unleashed a sense of extreme trepidation throughout the locker room – and not just among Superstars. After his brutal attack on WWE audio technician Jeremy Diaz on the July 1 edition of SmackDown, the entire WWE production staff has been left reeling as well, fearing for their very safety. (WATCH)

It all began when Mark Henry lost a possible title opportunity to World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton after the sudden playing of his adversary Big Show’s entrance music allowed The Viper to blast him with the RKO. Moments after the count-out defeat, the irate World’s Strongest Man brutalized technician Diaz, a defenseless staff member, and laid waste to his sound equipment before hurling him through the air and into a world of hurt.

“Jeremy was still unconscious when we got him into the ambulance,” stated WWE's doctor, Michael Sampson, updating the WWE Universe on the extent of Diaz’s injuries. “He suffered a concussion and cervical strain and will not be able to return to work for at least three weeks.”

The attack left the majority of WWE’s production team overcome with a mixture of panic and dread. When asked for comment, several of Diaz’s co-workers chose to decline, concerned that the angry behemoth might seek them out next. However, a few spoke out apprehensively about the dangerous situation, which many believe could have been orchestrated by potential No. 1 contender Christian for his own benefit.

“It’s just a damn shame,” said veteran WWE photographer John Giamundo, shaking his head furiously. “Jeremy’s a good guy. He’s got a family to support and he’s just trying to do a job. He’s not a WWE Superstar, for God’s sake.”

Indeed, the enormously dangerous combination of unchecked rage and brute strength has helped Henry carry out unbelievable onslaughts as of late, including smashing the mighty Big Show through a steel cage on Monday Night Raw. By contrast, a regular man who in no way measures up to your typical Superstar – let alone The World’s Largest Athlete – would find himself completely vulnerable to the merciless rampage of The World’s Strongest Man.

“We’re all at risk,” Giamundo continued. “Me, I’m just trying to do a job. It’s challenging enough. Trying to do it with this guy in the back of my mind, it’s nearly impossible.”

The outpouring was reinforced by another long-time WWE employee, who has worked closer to the action than most.

“He simply didn’t deserve it,” insisted camera man Marty Miller. “If a Superstar can attack one of us for no reason, what’s to stop him from doing it again to the rest of the crew?”

The feelings of Giamundo, Miller and countless others who denied a statement seemed indicative of the anxiety that’s grown since Diaz was taken to the local medical facility. And while Henry continues to wreak indiscriminate havoc on anyone he takes a disliking to, is anyone on SmackDown, Raw or WWE, in general, safe?

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