General Manager speaks out: Did Booker T make the right call?

Booker T explains why he banned the Brogue Kick: Exclusive, September 8, 2012

Booker T calls to explain his actions on banning the Brogue Kick.

SmackDown General Manager Booker T shocked the WWE Universe last night, announcing that he has banned Sheamus from using the Brogue Kick in competition. Booker, who made it clear he against banning the move at the beginning of the show, changed course during SmackDown’s main event between The Great White and David Otunga. The Harvard-educated attorney, who is serving as legal counsel for Ricardo Rodriguez, was able to sway the GM’s opinion on the matter, showing evidence of the “damage” caused by the Brogue. got in touch with Booker for an exclusive interview about his decision to ban the Brogue Kick. So, did Booker make the right call? Take a listen and weigh in on the matter in the comments below.

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