The Miz and Daniel Bryan reach contract agreement with SmackDown LIVE

The Miz and Daniel Bryan reach  contract agreement with SmackDown LIVE

Update Monday - 9/19/16 is excited to report that LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan and Intercontinental Champion The Miz have come to terms on the matter of The A-Lister’s SmackDown LIVE contract. 

While the exact details are still unknown at this time, both parties are expressing satisfaction with the outcome and consider it a win for their respective camps. Check back with for further information as it becomes available.

Update Sunday - 9/18/16

Following The Miz's Facebook Live on Saturday, Daniel Bryan seemed to chime in on the status of the current discussion over Miz’s future on Twitter Sunday with a tweet that seemed directed at The A-Lister:

However, according to a Facebook post from The Miz later in the day, the turbulent contract renegotiations have restarted between The A-Lister and SmackDown LIVE GM Daniel Bryan.

True to form, The Miz considers the move a personal victory in his ongoing struggle for respect from Team Blue.

Update Saturday - 9/17/16 has learned that negotiations between Intercontinental Champion The Miz and SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan have become strained and now appear to have completely broken down, with the two sides unable to come to an equitable agreement.

While exact specifics are not known at this time, Twitter posts by The A-Lister and Bryan have made it clear that both parties are blaming each other for this latest setback.

Later, in an exclusive Facebook post from a WWE live event in Springfield, Missouri on Saturday evening, The Miz took some time to elaborate on the current breakdown of his contract negotiation, Daniel Bryan's weaknesses as SmackDown LIVE General Manager and the possibility of a trade to Monday Night Raw.

Initial report - 9/16/16:

According to The Miz’s official Twitter account, the Intercontinental Champion and his representatives have entered into contract renegotiations with SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan.

While The A-Lister first made it known that he intended to take this course of action during Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view, the situation was intensified by the controversial ending to his Intercontinental Title Match against Dolph Ziggler that same night and was no doubt further fueled by Miz’s subsequent refusal to engage in a rematch against The Showoff Tuesday.

Daniel Bryan confirmed that talks are indeed underway, making it clear just how important the Intercontinental Championship and the titleholder are to SmackDown LIVE.  

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