MNM enjoying their first week as WWE Tag Team Champions

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND -- Last week on SmackDown!, MNM shocked the wrestling world and made WWE history, when they became the first tag team to win the WWE Tag Team Championship in their debut match.
Since that monumental night, MNM -- Melina, Nitro, & Mercury -- have been enjoying themselves immensely, celebrating their win in true Hollywood fashion. Thursday night, caught up with the "it" tag team to find out all of the scoop regarding their Championship victory, and what fans can expect to see from them next. Here's what they had to say… What's the first week of being WWE Tag Team Champions been like?
Melina: It's been great. We just upped the value of the WWE Tag Team Championship. Not only do we make the WWE Tag Titles look good, but the WWE Tag Titles look so good around Johnny & Joey's gorgeous waists.
Nitro: It's all just been one big party. We knew we could do it, we said we'd do it, and then we did it. And since then, everyone has been calling us -- all of our friends, all of the Hollywood producers and agents. I mean we're getting phone calls out of L.A. like crazy, asking to sign us for commercials, magazine shoots, and product endorsements. Hold on a second, it's my agent right now. Hello?
Mercury: Our first week has been unbelievable! It's everything you would expect out of MNM. Like Johnny said, we're the Hollywood jet set, we're the A-list, we're the beautiful people, and our first week has been nothing short of spectacular. Well can you tell me a little bit about how you guys celebrated after your win at Madison Square Garden last week?
Melina: We went and partied at every exclusive New York City club imaginable. First thing we had, was have our limo driver take us directly to the Rainbow Room. We hit that place up, partied like rock stars, drank some crystal, and invited all of our friends who could come to hang out and party with us.
Nitro: That's right, and then the next day, we went clothes shopping! We bought clothes from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior, and all the top designers. Then, we hit up the fashion district, got some new fur coats, and designer shades.
Mercury: I mainly pent the entire night laughing at Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. Who were some of these friends you three hung out with?
Melina: Of course Paris was there, because she was in town, Nicole swung by for a drink, and then later, Ashton, Demi, Kirsten, and JTT dropped by just to congratulate us. There were so many people there that I really couldn't even keep track.
Nitro: We partied with New York City's elite, and it's crazy how everyone wants a piece of us. It's really great to be on top.
Mercury: It really is, and for the majority of the night, I kept getting hit on by nameless, faceless women, and having to beat them off with a stick. What did these friends think of MNM becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions?
Melina: Just like us, they always knew we could do it. We've taken those WWE Tag Team Titles, and done more for them in one week than Eddie and Rey did during their entire time as champions. Those titles have become famous, kind of like us, and everybody in Hollywood wants to see them.
Nitro: Of course everyone was really happy for us. We got a lot of phone calls, gift baskets, flowers, and expensive chocolates, but I think in the back of their heads, they're all kind of jealous, because they wish that they could be WWE Tag Team Champions too. Right now, we're the best.
Mercury: Our friends weren't really that surprised that we won. It's just like brother Nitro and Melina said, we told everyone we were going to win the titles, and then we did just that. Why has MNM been so successful in such a short amount of time?
Melina: We're talented. People respect us, they know us, and we're really the hottest people that have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring.
Nitro: Look at our bodies. We've been tanning, training, getting our hair styled, and getting ready for this for the past ten years. Everybody we know looks at us and says, "MNM are beautiful people." We're in peak physical condition, we have strong core muscles, we've been doing Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and studying all kinds of eastern and western philosophies, so everything comes together, and forms MNM.
Mercury: In my mind, it's one thing -- insane charisma. What can WWE fans expect to see from MNM in the future?
Mercury: There will be a lot more of what the fans have seen already. We are the only undefeated WWE Tag Team Champions in history, and we're going to keep taking every other WWE Superstar out, because we're hot, and their not.
Nitro: Fans can expect to see a whole lot of gold around the waists of MNM for a long time to come. They can also expect to see a whole lot of sexy.
Melina: You can expect more viewers to turn in to SmackDown! each week, more fans buying tickets to our shows, more camera flashes in the audience, and more pictures of us being traded and downloaded all over the internet. At WrestleMania 21, WWE went Hollywood, but now that MNM has arrived, Hollywood has come to WWE, and we're going to change this company forever.

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