JBL on Long: He ought to be fired

JBL on Long: He ought to be fired

SmackDown color commentator John Bradshaw Layfield is hoping SmackDown begins its new year with a resolution from General Manager Theodore Long. It has nothing to do with getting into shape or quitting a nasty habit. Instead, JBL wants Long to be a more responsible GM for the brand's Superstars.

"There is entertainment and then there is what Long is doing," chided JBL. "He is playing to the voracious appetite of the WWE fans, and that's bad."

WWE fans are known for being the most passionate fans in sports-entertainment; while many applaud Long in his quest to deliver what he sees as the best product he possibly can, JBL believes there is a line that has been crossed.

"These [WWE] fans aren't happy with healthy entertainment; they want to see someone get busted open, they want to see someone get maimed and they want to see someone get burned," he said. "Just because they want that doesn't mean that's what we should give to them."

Recently, MVP competed and was burned in an Inferno Match; Joey Mercury was knocked out of action due to an injury he suffered in a Ladder Match, and Mr. Kennedy was severely beaten in a Last Ride Match with Undertaker. Three of SmackDown's rising Superstars have been put on the shelf because of matches Long has assigned. According to JBL, it's that type of irresponsible booking that should put Long on the hot seat when the time comes to reevaluate his GM contract.

"Kennedy, MVP and Mercury are unable to compete right now because of Long; do I think he's overstepped his bounds? Hell yeah, and he ought to be fired," said JBL.

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