Divide and conquer?

Divide and conquer?

Coming off a vicious beating at the hands of King Booker and Finlay last week, World Heavyweight Champion Batista put in a call to his friend and Armageddon tag team partner this Sunday, Boston native and WWE Champion John Cena.

Cena arrived at SmackDown to show support for his friend. However, after being confronted by his opponents at Armageddon, Cena was awarded a match. In his homecoming to SmackDown, General Manager Theodore Long announced Cena would face Finlay for the first time.

King Booker and Finlay had plans of their own, and after John Cena was able to defeat Finlay, Booker came through the crowd, looking to do damage to the WWE Champion. Finlay nailed Cena with the shillelagh, and the World Champion Batista, still feeling the effects of last week's brutal attack, came down to save his invited guest. Have King Booker and Finlay done enough damage to give them the edge come Sunday? Or will Batista and John Cena rise up to face the challenge and stand tall as champions?

Montel Vontavious Porter and Mr. Kennedy continued their reluctance in entering their respective matches this Sunday at Armageddon. MVP will compete against Kane in an Inferno Match, which hasn't been seen in almost eight years. Mr. Kennedy will face Undertaker in a Last Ride Match, only the second in WWE history. The dangers in both matches have seemingly struck fear in both MVP and Kennedy.

The two Superstars were in tag team action against The Brothers of Destruction. Once more the terrified, yet talented twosome looked to gain some advantage heading into Armageddon in Richmond, Va.

MVP and Kennedy thought they had the upper hand, as Kennedy looked to run over Kane with a hearse. Shortly after, the Banknorth Garden in Boston got completely dark. When the lights came back on, Undertaker appeared next to Kennedy in the hearse. As soon as Kane sat up from the floor, Mr. Kennedy and MVP ran out of the arena. This Sunday, will the two young Superstars find any way to win their respective matches, or will MVP leave burned by Kane and Kennedy leave in a hearse?

Chavo Guerrero arrived at SmackDown with the still injured Vickie. He demanded Chris Benoit, whom he has accused of being a women beater, publicly apologize for his actions. The United States Champion was finally allowed by Chavo and Vickie to speak about the incident, and Benoit simply stated, "I didn't do anything wrong."

Chavo took on Funaki with Benoit watching from ringside, and with each blow he delivered to Funaki, Guerrero pointed to Benoit and shouted, "you on Sunday." Benoit had enough and entered the ring and applied the Sharpshooter. Vickie slapped Benoit and the Wolverine grew angrier. On Sunday, this very personal rivalry will continue as Chris Benoit and Chavo Guerrero battle for the United States Championship.

WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick teamed with resident redneck Jimmy Wang Yang to take on William Regal, Dave Taylor and Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms. Regal and Taylor, who have been very focused in their recent attacks on the champions, walked out on Helms, allowing Yang and the tag team champions to pick up the victory. At Armageddon in Richmond, Va., Regal and Taylor will challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championship, while Jimmy Wang Yang will face the longest running champion in SmackDown history, Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms.

The Miz hosted his very own Face Your Fear Challenge, as he wanted to prove to himself that he was not afraid of Boogeyman and the worms. The undefeated Miz ate pig's tongue and monkey brains before turning his attention to the worms. He couldn't force himself to eat them, and Boogeyman rose from beneath the table and ran Miz off. In two days, Miz will have to face his fears as he takes on Boogeyman.

In other action, Matt Hardy continued his winning streak by defeating former MNM member Joey Mercury, and Vito defeated Sylvan. 

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