Payback, 619 style

Payback, 619 style

ROANOKE, Va. -- It turns out that all Rey Mysterio & Kane needed was a little help from an associate -- in this case, each other -- to take down the threat of MVP & Big Daddy V on Friday night.

Last week on SmackDown, Mysterio fell to MVP in a non-title match, thanks to the United States Champion's use of the top rope. As for Kane, it was an appearance by Mark Henry that cost him an Extreme Rules Match against Big Daddy V Tuesday night on ECW. Having presumably seen what had happened to the other, both Mysterio & Kane certainly had reason to watch each other's backs once their huge tag team opportunity rolled around this week.

The United States Champion and his 500-pound partner looked downright dominant at times, but in the end, the Master of the 619 and the Big Red Monster got the duke. With the two monsters occupying each other outside the ring, Mysterio flattened MVP with a 619 and springboard splash to claim the victory. (WATCH)

Rey's budding rivalry with the Ballin' Superstar seems to have picked up a big head of steam. With Friday's pinfall over MVP, is an opportunity at the United States Championship potentially in Rey's future?

Fool me once, shame on you…

Jamie Noble also seems to be on a roll, as for the second straight week, he scored a pinfall victory over Chuck Palumbo. Once again, Noble tried to use his Southern charm on Michelle McCool earlier in the night. This time, however, he wasn't just blown off by the beautiful blonde; Noble was also accosted by Palumbo, who brushed aside last week's match as a "fluke" in Noble's favor.

That may have been an oversight on Palumbo's part, as the motorcycle enthusiast once again wheeled home with the loser's share of the purse this week. Just like in their previous encounter, Noble was able to take advantage of one tiny mistake in the corner of the ring; when Chuck got hung up after missing a kick, Noble rolled him up for the 1-2-3. (WATCH)

Leprechaun crosses the tracks

While it's unclear whether Belfast, Northern Ireland or the Other Side of the Tracks is a tougher neighborhood, our fans got a glimpse of resolution when Finlay & Hornswoggle took on Deuce & Domino. Michael Cole & JBL wondered on commentary whether or not having the littlest McMahon as his partner made Finlay an underdog against the former WWE Tag Team Champions -- but as they have quite often in the past, the Irishmen proved that they make one dangerous team.

Late in the bout, things looked bleak for Hornswoggle when Deuce & Domino ditched Finlay and cornered the little man. But when they attempted to whip the pint-sized prankster with their belts, the referee confiscated the leather lashers. That allowed Finlay to grab his shillelagh, and with the ref's back turned, the ornery Irishman gave Deuce a crack in his own mouth with the wooden weapon. One Tadpole Splash later, Finlay & Hornswoggle were victorious.

After witnessing his son's victory, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon met with Ranjin Singh later in the night. After making Singh act out some impressions -- including one of Hornswoggle and one of Singh's own client, The Great Khali -- the Chairman and the translator made sure that Khali was ready for his big match with Finlay at Armageddon.

You made your bed, now lie in it

ECW Champion CM Punk made another appearance on Friday Night SmackDown, battling Kenny Dykstra in a non-title match. Punk gutted out a tough victory when these two met in the Land of the Extreme two weeks ago, but the self-proclaimed "future Hall of Famer" hoped things would be different on his home turf. 

The Straightedge Superstar had other plans, however. Despite putting up a valiant effort, Dykstra hit another speed bump on road to the Hall of Fame; this time, he got to Go to Sleep in his own bed -- or ring, as it were -- as the ECW Champion made it 2-for-2 against the 21-year-old.

Three-dogged night

Thanks to his main squeeze, General Manager Vickie Guerrero, Edge got his chance to regain the World Heavyweight Championship from Batista in SmackDown's much-anticipated main event. The Rated-R Superstar dedicated the match to Vickie -- who is still recuperating from Undertaker's attack the previous week -- but someone else would later have a dedication of their own for Edge.

Just when Batista looked like he was ready to finally beat Edge in a championship match for the first time this year, Undertaker returned a favor to the Rated-R Superstar by interrupting the match. Edge felt Batista's spear, but when the Rated-R Superstar bailed out of the ring, The Phenom lashed out at the closest Superstar he could find, dropping Batista with a Phenom-enal chokeslam. But when all was said and done, a returning Theodore Long was the one to drop the biggest bombshell. Read more on the story…


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