Prelude to Survivor Series

SmackDown from Nassau Coliseum was the last stop heading into Survivor Series this Sunday on pay-per-view.

King Booker began by convincing General Manager Theodore Long to sign the Royal Contract. The contract proclaimed that if he is to defeat Batista this Sunday, the World Heavyweight Champion will never have to face the Animal again. Batista made his way to the squared circle where Booker told the challenger, "you can't beat me."

After both men had signed the contract, King Booker ambushed his opponent and unleashed a vicious assault, laying out Batista with the royal scepter. Will the rivalry end this Sunday with SmackDown's King defeating Batista, or can the Animal overcome the odds and regain what he never truly lost?

Mr. Kennedy delivered his selfish Thanksgiving address to WWE fans.  He thanked himself for defeating Undertaker at No Mercy, thanked himself for getting into the heads of the Brothers of Destruction, and again thanked himself for telling the world the truth: that he is the future of sports--entertainment.

Kennedy said he would end the career of the Deadman at Survivor Series in the First Blood Match. Undertaker, who had been listening throughout the proclaimation, had heard enough. The Phenom arrived, Kennedy ran, and Undertaker had a very eerie message of his own for Kennedy: blood rained down on the cocky Superstar from the skies. Undertaker once again proved he is truly the master of the mind games, and Sunday the world will see who is the master of the First Blood Match.

Vickie Guerrero confronted United States Champion Chris Benoit before his match with Finlay, and warned Benoit to "stay out of her life." She then attempted to slap the Rabid Wolverine, who blocked it and walked towards the ring. The match between Benoit and Finlay was a brawl, as the men brutalized each other all over the ring. 

In the middle of the match, Chavo Guerrero interrupted. As the referee chased Chavo out, Little Bastard handed the shillelagh to Finlay, who used it for the win, pinning the United States Champion Chris Benoit. As Benoit lay nearly unconscious, Chavo frog splashed him twice, delivering the message that Vickie had warned earlier in the night. This Sunday at Survivor Series, the personal rivalry will continue as Chavo Guerrero challenges Chris Benoit for the United States Championship.

In the unforgiving Steel Cage, the only way to win is a pinfall, submission or getting out of the cage before your opponent. Montel Vontavious Porter, who was dominated and nearly destroyed by Kane, shocked the world as the SmackDown rookie managed to escape the Steel Cage Match and the monster Kane with a victory. Since being signed to one of the highest contracts in sports-- entertainment history, many have questioned MVP's talents. Now, with controversial back-to-back victories over the Big Red Monster, Porter is finally coming into his own. At Survivor Series, these two men will be on opposite teams as they compete in classic elimination matches.

In other action, Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, a member of Team Rated RKO at Survivor Series, defeated Jimmy Wang Yang, William Regal continued his recent success with a victory over Brian Kendrick, and Boogeyman and The Miz battled to a no contest, but not before referee Chris Kay was wormed by Boogeyman.


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