Matt Hardy recovering after emergency surgery

Matt Hardy recovering after emergency surgery

After the vicious attack at the hands of United States Champion MVP last week on SmackDown and missing Survivor Series this past Sunday, things took a turn for the worse for Matt Hardy's well-being when he arrived in Tampa, Fla., Tuesday night. spoke to Matt Hardy moments ago and the SmackDown Superstar was in good spirits and thankful that WWE trainers and Tampa General Hospital doctors were able to identify and correct the appendicitis that could have greatly threatened his health.

"I am feeling ok, I have definitely been better," said the recovering Hardy. "The surgery lasted between 60-90 minutes, and the prognosis was that I was lucky they got in there when they did." Matt continued, "The appendix had already ruptured, and the toxins from that rupture were poisoning my body. I am used to the aches from my career, but this was the most miserable pain I had ever experienced. I had cold chills with hot sweats, and just couldn't find a comfortable way to lie down or sit. I felt like I was dying it was so bad."

The problem became serious when Hardy made his way to Tampa last night. "I made my way to the arena last night, and still was in such considerable pain that I went straight to the trainer's room, and they sent me to the hospital for a CT scan."

The scan revealed the enflamed appendix, but the burst was not seen until the appendectomy was underway. Now Matt Hardy must face a road of recovery that will see him out of action much longer than he had envisioned as he chases the United States Championship held by MVP.

"I will be here in the hospital until the antibiotics clean the rest of the toxins from my body, and then from there it will be anywhere from 8-10 weeks before I get back into action," Hardy explained.

When asked about his former partner and the possibility that MVP's attack led to the bursting of his appendix and subsequent surgery, Hardy paused for a moment and then responded with a firm, "No comment."

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