RAW ambushes SmackDown

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has stated on more than one occasion that he is sick of SmackDown being considered the "B" Show. So, he has taken matters into his own hands. He found a way to involve SmackDown in RAW's big Homecoming event in October and even got SmackDown heavily involved in Taboo Tuesday, which is a RAW pay-per-view. Not only was SmackDown involved with Taboo Tuesday, but they went two for two with Batista defeating Jonathan Coachman and Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio teaming up to defeat Tyson Tomko & Snitsky. Needless to say, RAW was furious. Last week RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff came to SmackDown to try and settle the shows' differences once and for all. When it was all said and done, two interpromotional matches were set up for Survivor Series -- a five-on-five Elimination Match and a GM vs. GM Match. But RAW didn't want to wait for Survivor Series.

Edge was scheduled to face World Heavyweight Champion Batista in an interpromotional Street Fight this week on SmackDown. Mr. Money in the Bank tried to wriggle his way out of the match, but Batista said that he never backs out of a match. Batista may not have pulled out of the match, but Edge found a way out in the end.

Batista, who was named as SmackDown's Survivor Series captain earlier in the night, was ambushed by RAW. Edge directed Batista's attention to the Titan Tron. Long was outside talking to Bischoff, who had just arrived. As the two GMs were talking, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters blindsided Long and put him in the devastating Master Lock. Before even more damage was done, JBL, Lashley, Mysterio and Hardy chased the RAW invaders away. But RAW's plan wasn't complete just yet.

With that, Kane entered the Conseco Field House in Indiana much to Batista's dismay. Batisa was ready to defend SmackDown's honor, but then he was hit with another surprise as Big Show entered through the crowd. Batista refused to back down. Even though he was faced with three of RAW's finest in Edge and the World Tag Team Champions, he went at them full-force. But even the Animal could not overcome the challenge. Big Show and Kane pummeled the World Heavyweight Champion. Several SmackDown Superstars tried to make the save including Hardcore Holly and L.O.D., but the monsters of mayhem disposed of each and every Superstar that got in their way. They finished off Batista with a double chokeslam before the Street Fight could even begin. RAW had avenged their Taboo Tuesday embarrassment as Edge, Lita, Big Show and Kane all stood tall over the fallen Batista. How will SmackDown be able to regain their momentum? Will they try to even the score on RAW?

While the night ended in a somber way for the SmackDown Superstars, the locker room appeared united as the show began. Theodore Long gathered the entire SmackDown roster and told them that they were the finest collection of Superstars in all of sports-entertainment. He added that a series of matches during SmackDown would decide who would represent SmackDown at Survivor Series in the big five-on-five Elimination Match. Long named Batista as the captain, but the other four spots were up for grabs.

In the first qualifying match, Randy Orton took on Rey Mysterio. Orton thought he deserved an automatic spot on the team since he was the sole survivor during his Elimination Match last year. But Long made him fight for his spot. Mysterio and Orton went back and forth, but Rey Rey seemed to have the Legend Killer where he wanted him. Rey went for the 619, but Cowboy Bob Orton stalled his attack, allowing Orton to avoid impact. Mysterio recovered and went for the West Coast Pop, but Cowboy Bob interfered again, pulling the high-flier off the ropes. This time it was in clear-sight of the ref, however, and Mysterio was awarded the win via disqualification. The Ortons took out their frustrations by double-teaming Mysterio, but Matt Hardy stormed the ring and made the save, hitting Orton with a Twist of Fate.

Lashley has been a seemingly unstoppable force ever since making his SmackDown debut. Not only is he undefeated thus far, but it seems like he has barely broken a sweat in any of his matches. He had the chance of a lifetime on SmackDown, when he faced Orlando Jordan for a spot at Survivor Series. This was Lashley's biggest test to date, but even the former United States Champion couldn't stop this one-man army. Lashley ended things with a thunderous Dominator, earning him a spot on the SmackDown team.

Eddie Guerrero, who was a captain at last year's Survivor Series, faced Ken Kennedy in another qualifying match. Kennedy claims to be single-handedly changing Friday nights, but he had his work cut out for him against Latino Heat. After going back and forth, an Irish Whip was reversed sending Kennedy crashing into the referee in the corner. With the ref down, a huge smile crept across Eddie's face. With that, Eddie went to the outside and grabbed a chair. Before he could use the chair, though, the referee started to come to. Seeing this, Eddie slammed the chair on the mat and tossed the chair to Kennedy and fell to the ground. It was vintage Eddie Guerrero. Kennedy caught the chair as the ref got to his feet, making it appear as though Kennedy had laid out Guerrero with the steel weapon. The referee immediately called for the bell, awarding the match to Guerrero via disqualification.

JBL went one-on-one with Chris Benoit in the final qualifying match. The Rabid Wolverine looked to have things going his way, but as he went to the top rope for his flying headbutt, Booker T and Sharmell came to ringside distracting him. JBL saw the opening and pounced, going on the offensive. Benoit absorbed a lot of punishment, but managed to come back, hitting the rolling German suplexes. After a diving headbutt, Benoit locked in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Booker T hopped up on the apron distracting Benoit. Benoit released the hold and went after Booker T. This allowed JBL to recover, and he hit Benoit with the Colthesline From Hell for the 1-2-3. So, the SmackDown Survivor Series team will consist of Batista, Guerrero, Mysterio, JBL and Lashley.

Earlier in the evening the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, made their way to the ring. Melina said that she was a top model before it was the cool thing to be. She said that there was a woman there trying to follow in her footsteps, and invited Michelle Deighton to the ring. Deighton was a contestant on UPN's America's Next Top Model. Melina insulted the leggy brunette, saying that she should have finished better in the show and was only a B or C-list celebrity. With that, Deighton slapped the arrogant Melina, but it proved to be a bad move as Melina fought back with a vengeance, trapping her in the corner. But within seconds The Mexicools saved the day, riding to the ring on their Juan Deeres. MNM fled the scene, leaving The Mexicools and Dreighton to dance the night away in the ring.

The Juniors also saw action as Pierrothito was victorious over Todd Stone. The Dicks also had an interview with Steve Romero and announced that they would be facing L.O.D. next week in their first SmackDown match.

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