Going to the extreme

Going to the extreme

ORLANDO, Fla. -- After coming so close to winning the WWE Championship -- time after time -- and being told by SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero that he doesn't have what it takes to become WWE Champion, a recluse Jeff Hardy made it clear to the WWE Universe that he would use any means necessary to get another chance.


The Miz & John Morrison def. WWE Champion Triple H & Jeff Hardy (DQ) (PHOTOS)
Jeff Hardy showed up to his tag team match determined to show Guerrero that he could overcome "The Dirt Sheet" stars on his own. Once Triple H tagged him in to the match, he refused to tag out again. When he was unable to score a pinfall and The Game came to his aid, Hardy snapped, causing the disqualification as he swung and threw a steel chair wildly at both Miz and Morrison.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Undertaker (DQ) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Determined to demonstrate the extreme nature of his cause, Jeff Hardy went on to sabotage the main event match between the undefeated Vladimir Kozlov and Undertaker. Hardy attacked the Moscow Mauler with a chair, simultaneously handing Kozlov a win by disqualification and an apparent chance at WWE Champion Triple H at Survivor Series. After the bell, the out of control Hardy danced with death, smashing The Phenom over the head as well. He then returned to Guerrero and secured himself an Extreme Rules Match next week against the legendary Deadman. 

United States Champion Shelton Benjamin def. R-Truth -- United States Championship (PHOTOS)
The Gold Standard successfully survived an explosive onslaught by R-Truth, hitting his devastating Pay Dirt to reign supreme and retain his United States Championship.

Brie Bella def. Victoria (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After Brie Bella beat Victoria with a surprise inside cradle, she once again sought refuge under the ring. When both Victoria and Natalya began dragging her out from completely different places, it was revealed that the mysterious Diva actually has a twin! The dynamic duo proceeded to give their opposition a simultaneous beat down. WWE.com has learned that Brie's twin is named Nikki and has secured exclusive post match photos. Check back tomorrow for an exclusive photo shoot with the Bella sisters.

The Great Khali def. Montel Vontavious Porter (PHOTOS)
The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh interrupted the VIP Lounge in order to treat the WWE Universe to another sizzling Kiss Cam. (WATCH | PHOTOS) Although MVP refused their invitation to stick around and stormed out -- paving the way for the Punjabi Playboy to kiss two of Orlando's sunniest sweethearts -- the Ballin' Superstar returned to get a few shots in. A vengeful Khali earned a victory over MVP with his mighty two-handed chokeslam, leaving his adversary one win short in his continued quest to earn his promised intensive bonus. With another mark in the loss column, will MVP earn his bonus by the Survivor Series deadline? Or will he have to pay back the multi-million dollar signing bonus from his original contract?

Ezekiel Jackson def. Jimmy Wang Yang (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In retribution for Jimmy Wang Yang's win by disqualification over The Brian Kendrick last week, Ezekiel Jackson manhandled the Asian redneck, ruthlessly hurling him into to the canvas for the pin. After the bell, Jackson's associate once again treated Yang to The Kendrick.

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