Altered beast

Altered beast

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- With Survivor Series just a few weeks away, an angry Batista continued on his warpath by crushing Matt Hardy, while World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker had ominous words for his Survivor Series Triple Threat opponents, Big Show and Chris Jericho.

Matt Hardy def. Batista by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Ever since failing to win the World Title at WWE Bragging Rights, Batista has turned into a raging beast. Last week, Batista attacked Hardy from behind. (WATCH) In the night's main event, Matt Hardy felt The Animal's wrath once again. After smashing Hardy into the announce table, Batista drove a TV monitor into his back. The vicious and painful assault earned Batista an immediate disqualification.

Undertaker recalled his ominous legacy (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Recalling his first Survivor Series -- and looking to the 2009 event -- World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker reminded the WWE Universe of the many Superstars he has vanquished over the years. Unimpressed, Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho interrupted The Phenom's address with his own self-centered views. But, the tag team champion paid a heavy price for his indiscretion -- a massive boot to the face. They cross paths once again in the Triple Threat Match with Big Show at Survivor Series. (Preview)

Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty def. Intercontinental Champion John Morrison & Cryme Tyme (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Dolph Ziggler gained a huge boost of confidence by pinning big Shad Gaspard in a Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting Ziggler and The Hart Dynasty against Intercontinental Champion John Morrison and Cryme Tyme. Next week, Ziggler gets another chance to make a name for himself when he faces Morrison in a title match on SmackDown.

Beth Phoenix def. local athlete (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just like last week, Beth Phoenix chalked up a commanding victory over a local athlete. The smart and sexy Diva is looking more powerful than ever, and one has to seriously question the chances of any local competitor who steps in the ring with The Glamazon.

Drew McIntyre def. Jimmy Wang Yang (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before the match between Drew McIntyre and Jimmy Wang Yang even began, McIntyre attacked his opponent from behind, knocking him out of the ring. When the match finally officially started, Yang offered little challenge for the fiery young Superstar who put away the veteran with a devastating Double Underhook DDT.

Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
By defeating big Mike Knox with the 619, Rey Mysterio picked up major momentum for his Survivor Series match with Batisa. (Preview) Both Mysterio and Batista talked with Josh Matthews about the growing rift between the two that began at WWE Bragging Rights. (WATCH: Interview with Rey | Interview with Batista)

R-Truth def. CM Punk (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The frustration within ex-champion CM Punk continued to grow when The Straightedge Superstar was defeated by R-Truth. Ironically, Punk set himself up for the loss when he demanded referee Scott Armstrong count faster with this three-counts. While Punk continued to make demands of Armstrong, Truth capitalized by throwing Punk to the canvas. With Punk down, Armstrong did what he was asked to do and pounded out a fast three-count giving Truth the win.

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