SmackDown for Survival

SmackDown for Survival

ROCHESTER, N.Y.-- After proving its show superiority at WWE Bragging Rights, SmackDown turned its full attention to all-out Survival.
Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho def. Kane -- Jericho earned a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Survivor Series (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Following a controversial victory by The SmackDown Seven this past Sunday, co-captains Jericho and Kane both attempted to collect a golden opportunity from their SmackDown General Manager. As a result, Theodore Long announced that the two Superstars would face each other, with the winner being inserted into the World Title Match at Survivor Series between World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and Big Show.(PHOTOS | WATCH)

When the smoked cleared at the end of the night, it was the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion who reigned supreme over The Big Red Machine, executing the Codebreaker as Kane was descending from the top rope. The huge victory propelled Jericho into an explosive Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship Match at Survivor Series (Match preview).

Problems intensified between Rey Mysterio and Batista (PHOTOS | WATCH)
At WWE Bragging Rights, Batista snapped on his comrade-in-arms Rey Mysterio, blaming the masked Superstar for costing him the gold against The Phenom. And while Mysterio returned to SmackDown trying to rectify the situation, The Animal wanted to have no part of it. Instead, Batista demanded The Master of the 619 leave "his" ring. Mysterio continuously refused, trying desperately to fix things between himself and his "best friend." Finally, an incensed Batista walked away. 

Later, when Matt Hardy tried to prevent Batista from making the same mistakes he did against a "brother," Batista responded by throwing him into a chain link fence (WATCH). As a result, The Animal will take on Hardy next week.

Dolph Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion John Morrison by count-out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Though Dolph Ziggler may be "Mr. Ziggles" to The Shaman of Sexy, his name was Mr. Winner this week on SmackDown. After Ziggler avoided Starship Pain by exiting the ring, he used both quick thinking and the announce table to incapacitate The Friday Night Delight long enough to pick up the win by count-out.

Beth Phoenix def. local athlete (PHOTOS | WATCH)
"The Fabulous Firebird" followed up her crucial Team Blue pinfall in the SmackDown vs. Raw Divas Tag Team Match this past Sunday by decimating a local competitor with the powerful Glam Slam.

Matt Hardy def. Eric Escobar (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Despite a knee injury, Matt Hardy hit a surprise neckbreaker to overcome newcomer Eric Escobar in a hard-fought rematch of their WWE Bragging Rights qualifier two weeks ago. The loss marked Escobar's first singles defeat in WWE.

Drew McIntyre vs. Finlay ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Drew McIntyre - the Superstar personally signed by Mr. McMahon - attacked Finlay before their match could begin. His brutal yet effective assault on The Belfast Brawler served as yet another example by The Scottish Superstar that the "party has just begun."

Cryme Tyme presented the: "Diva Halloween Costume Contest" (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With JTG and Shad at the mic, Natalya, Layla, Michelle McCool and Mickie James went Halloween, modeling their costumes before the WWE Universe as only the smart, sexy, and powerful could. But when Mickie James won the contest, beautiful bedlam quickly ensued. Though Mickie made short work of both Natalya and Layla, her offense came to a sudden halt, thanks to a vicious kick by Michelle. 

CM Punk def. Scott Armstrong (PHOTOS | WATCH)
One week after losing the World Heavyweight Championship Submission Match to The Demon of Death Valley, The Straightedge Superstar was given a match against official Scott Armstrong by Mr. McMahon himself. Though Armstrong refused to go down easy, hitting Punk with some good punches, in the end, The Second City Saint made quick work of his outmatched opponent with the GTS.

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