Crashing the funeral

Crashing the funeral

MILWAUKEE -- World Heavyweight Champion Kane's funeral for The Undertaker turned to chaos, thanks to interruptions by Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Edge. Meanwhile, The Rated-R Superstar rose above his fellow contenders, winning a Triple Threat No. 1 Contender's Match to secure the right to face "The Devil's Favorite Demon" at Survivor Series.

Edge def. Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat No.  1 Contender's Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In a tumultuous Triple Threat Match that saw Edge, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio battle tooth and nail for supreme victory, it was the nine-time World Champion who ultimately rose above. As Del Rio was attempting to counter Mysterio's 619 attack -- hoisting The Ultimate Underdog up on his shoulders -- The Ultimate Opportunist blasted the aristocratic Superstar with the Spear for the victory. Despite an incredible battle by all three warriors, it is The Master Manipulator who will challenge World Heavyweight Champion Kane at Survivor Series (Match preview).

Big Show & Kofi Kingston def. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Following a verbal exchange between Big Show and Cody Rhodes concerning Kelly Kelly, The World's Largest Athlete recruited Kofi Kingston to help him take on the "Dashing" one and his partner Drew McIntyre. When Big Show looked ready to execute a giant chokeslam on Rhodes, the handsome Superstar signaled frantically for McIntyre to help. No assistance came from the "Chosen One," however, and Rhodes was subsequently hurled to the canvas and defeated. Following the match, the former WWE Tag Team Champions dissolved their partnership in a heated argument.

Kelly Kelly won an Eight-Diva Tag Team Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
When a sultry Divas Halloween costume contest was cut short by Team Lay-Cool, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long decided to have the smart, sexy and powerful beauties battle it out in an Eight-Diva Tag Team Match. Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Kelly Kelly & Melina took on Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes. In the end, Kelly Kelly -- dressed as Little Bow Peep -- defeated Rosa Mendes -- dressed as a leprechaun -- with the K2 legdrop.

Jack Swagger def. Kaval (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Despite an incredible effort by Kaval, the tenacious Superstar was once again denied his first SmackDown victory, falling victim to Jack Swagger's dreaded ankle lock. 

United States Champion Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Non-Title Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In another intense match-up, Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler for the third time in a week. As the United States Champion was trying to escape Ziggler's infamous sleeper hold, the referee got knocked down. While the official was incapacitated, Ziggler went for the pin on his dazed adversary. Though his girlfriend, SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, entered the ring and counted to three, the recovered referee refused to acknowledge that the match was over. As Guerrero exited the ring, Bryan hit a devastating kick on his distracted opponent and picked up the three-count. 

A funeral for The Undertaker (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After burying The Undertaker alive at WWE Bragging Rights, Kane returned to SmackDown to inform the WWE Universe that they'd never see The Deadman again. Despite involvement by The Nexus in the epic pay-per-view showdown, Kane also dismissed the idea that anyone but he was responsible for the dark legend's demise.

However, during a moment of silence for The Phenom, Alberto Del Rio interrupted, blatantly knocking Paul Bearer's mystical urn to the mat. Moments after a conflict ensued, in which Del Rio took down the World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio emerged. Although Del Rio evaded the 619, The Ultimate Underdog dialed his favorite maneuver up on "The Father of Destruction." Kane recovered and sent Mysterio from the ring, only to be Speared by Edge. Afterward, Long announced the Triple Threat No. 1 Contender's Match between Del Rio, Mysterio and Edge to determine who would face The Big Red Monster at Survivor Series for the World Title.

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