V for Vote

V for Vote

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Compressing both The Miz and John Morrison on SmackDown, Big Daddy V may have also squeezed some last minute support in his campaign to receive an ECW Title Match at Cyber Sunday. Raising his paw, Big Daddy V formed the shape of the letter that has become synonymous with dominance, but could also stand for votes (in his favor) heading into the interactive pay-per-view event.

As part of the joint venture between ECW General Manager Armando Estrada and Acting SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero, the triad of vile candidates for Cyber Sunday's ECW Title Match met in a Triple Threat Match on Friday night. All men knew that after giving their final pleas earlier this week on WWE.com (Read it now), SmackDown could very well have been their last chance to snare fans' support and, more importantly, their ballots this weekend.

Days after being forced to team on ECW, the self-professed "chick magnet" and the Shaman of Sexy exhibited their mutual ill will in the ring, exchanging similarly underhanded blows on Friday night. Their personal warfare, however, would provide Big Daddy V with an (unneeded) advantage and permit the 500-pounder to divide and certainly conquer on SmackDown.

Larger than both Miz and Morrison combined, Big Daddy V made Friday night painful for the Tuesday Night Delight and flattened the faux-hawked Superstar. The Dominating Force in WWE steamrolled the bodies of the only people standing in the way of a championship opportunity -- a mere 48 hours before YOU, the fans, will decide which of these competitors will meet CM Punk for the gold.

Will this decisive victory compel Friday night viewers to cast their ballots in Big Daddy V's favor? Who will YOU choose to face the Straightedge Superstar for the ECW Championship at Cyber Sunday? Vote now!

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