TOPEKA, Kan. -- The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio overcame the odds yet again, roaring back from a serious wrist injury to give his attacker, Alberto Del Rio, his first loss on SmackDown.

Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After suffering a broken wrist at the hands of Alberto Del Rio -- which sidelined him for more than a month -- Rey Mysterio returned to action, focused on retribution. Del Rio arrived in style, driving a brand-new Rolls Royce and looking to finish off his masked adversary.

But when Del Rio's personal announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, elected to get involved in the explosive match, The Ultimate Underdog fired back. Using his incredible athletic ability to hurl Del Rio into Rodriguez, Mysterio hit his aristocratic nemesis with a 619-splash combination, taking the smile off his face as he handed him his first loss since coming to WWE.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def.  MVP in an Intercontinental Championship Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
On WWE NXT this past Tuesday, Vickie Guerrero was pinned by her NXT Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, thanks in part to an apparently accidental distraction by Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Following the match, Kaitlyn hugged Ziggler, leaving Guerrero absolutely livid.

Back on SmackDown -- still visibly upset over the incident -- SmackDown's Official Consultant walked out on Ziggler during his title match against MVP. However, when Kaitlyn emerged and grabbed The Ballin' Superstar's boot, the bleach-blond champion used the distraction to hit the Zig Zag on the Franchise Playa and capture the victory. Following the match, Guerrero emerged, screaming at both her boyfriend and her NXT Rookie Diva. 

World Heavyweight Champion Kane and Paul Bearer returned united from Hell in a Cell (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After betraying The Undertaker at WWE Hell in a Cell, Paul Bearer enthusiastically emerged to introduce the demented Superstar that "single-handedly destroyed the myth" of The Phenom, World Heavyweight Champion Kane. "The Devil's Favorite Demon" declared that The Deadman now answers to him. He also claimed that when it comes to his hellish showdown with his brother, "they are just warming up."

WWE Tag Team Champions "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre def. Kofi Kingston & Kaval  (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Cody Rhodes tossed Kofi Kingston out of the ring, Drew McIntyre distracted Kaval long enough for his "Dashing" partner to execute the Cross Rhodes and secure the victory for the WWE Tag Team Champions. Despite another explosive display by Kaval, his latest defeat reinforced his winless record since proving victorious on WWE NXT season two.

Big Show takes command for WWE Bragging Rights (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Big Show announced that he had been named captain of Team SmackDown at WWE Bragging Rights, The World's Largest Athlete introduced the team mascot, Hornswoggle. Next, Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta interrupted, offering to be part of the team on the upcoming pay-per-view. However, Big Show couldn't figure out who they actually were. As The Dudebusters became agitated, the gigantic team captain took Hornswoggle's suggestion and executed an earth-shattering double chokeslam on both irate Superstars.

Self-professed "Co-Unified Divas Champion" Layla def. Kelly Kelly (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Five days after Natalya defeated Michelle McCool by disqualification in the Unified Divas Championship Match at Hell in a Cell, she accompanied Kelly Kelly to the ring as the beautiful blond Diva prepared to face Layla. The English-born champion triumphed over her sultry opponent with the neckbreaker. However, the self-professed "Co-Unified Divas Champion" fell short in a post-match confrontation with the Hart Dynasty Diva, who nearly locked in the Sharpshooter before Michelle could pull her B.F.F. to safety.

Edge def. Jack Swagger (PHOTOS | WATCH)
As Michael Cole -- the self-proclaimed "Voice of WWE" -- joined the SmackDown announce team for the evening, General Manager Theodore Long welcomed back the Superstar who he "personally traded for" with Monday Night Raw, Edge.

Jack Swagger emerged to take on The Rated-R Superstar, with his "Swagger Soaring Eagle" in tow. During the extremely personal match-up, Edge truly "flipped the bird," Spearing Swagger's "endangered" mascot off the ring apron. After the eagle was removed on a stretcher, The Ultimate Opportunist went on to reign supreme over "The All-American American" for the second time in a week, avoiding the ankle lock to blast his adversary with another Spear.

With The Ultimate Opportunist firmly back on SmackDown to continue his personal crusade against stupidity (WWE offers Edge a list of stupidity), the question remains, who -- if anyone -- was he traded for?

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