It was a tough night for two Superstars of Latino Heritage as Friday Night SmackDown emanated from just miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas.

Last week, Eddie Guerrero overcame his "illness" to help Batista defeat MNM. The duo was rewarded with a shot at L.O.D.'s WWE Tag Team Championship, with Batista going so far as to steal Eddie's dinner early in the show to make sure his partner was up to the task. And as the match began, all seemed well between the new friends.

Eddie made it to the ring at 100 percent, but L.O.D. managed to get the best of him before a hurricanrana helped Guerrero escape the champions' attempt of the Doomsday Device. This allowed a tag to Batista, who nearly pinned Heidenreich after a Batista Bomb before Road Warrior Animal made the save. Unfortunately, Batista could not capitalize any further, as MNM rushed to the ring wielding chairs and attacked the champions, drawing a disqualification on Guerrero & Batista.

After taking care of L.O.D., Mercury and Nitro had Batista measured, but Guerrero made the save. As Eddie and Batista cleaned house, the World Heavyweight Champion set up Nitro for the Batista Bomb. Eddie, in an attempt to hit Mercury with a chair, accidentally hit his partner. However, the crafty Guerrero tossed the chair to Mercury as The Animal recovered, and then went down to act as if he had been hit as well. This left Mercury to fall victim to a vicious spinebuster and a chair shot of his ow from Batista. As the night concluded, Batista and Eddie were hugging and celebrating, with The Animal still unaware that his opponent for No Mercy had actually hit him in the first place.

At the beginning of the night, JBL came out to address the crowd in Laredo, a town with a nearly 90 percent Hispanic population. JBL emerged wearing a sombrero and poncho, with an inner tube wrapped around his body and a burro by his side. This immediately whipped the crowd into a frenzy, who chanted derogatory remarks at the former WWE Champion in Spanish. JBL proclaimed himself a great American, and introduced his tag team partner Ken Kennedy, who proceeded to compare the burro to ring anouncer Tony Chimel.

By this point, Rey Mysterio had heard enough, and emerged to a huge ovation. After JBL helped Kennedy defeat Mysterio last week, Rey enlisted Hardcore Holly as his partner to face his adversaries. JBL and Kennedy wore down Mysterio, with JBL disrespecting his opponent at No Mercy by choking him with the Mexican flag. Mysterio and Holly eevntually managed to turn the tables, but in the end, Kennedy nailed Mysterio with a big boot, and then distracted Holly long enough for JBL to hit the Clothesline From Hell for the victory.

With Homecoming on the horizon, Mr. McMahon gave Theodore Long the authority to make a SmackDown match for the show, to be announced this week on Friday Night SmackDown. When the time came to make the announcement, however, Long and Palmer Canon were coy about their decision; instead of announcing a specific match, they would only say that World Heavyweight Champion Batista, United States Champion Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, JBL, Christian, and Eddie Guerrero would all be involved. Be sure to tune into WWE Homecoming on the USA Network on October 3 to find out exactly how these Superstars will be involved.

Also, after being thrown into a casket last week, Cowboy Bob Orton challenged Undertaker to meet him face to face. Orton promised to leave son Randy in the back, but his word was soon broken. After the Deadman sent the Hall of Famer crashing into the referee, Randy Orton ran in to help his father assault Undertaker. After several minutes of the two-on-one attack, it appeared Cowboy Bob would pull out the victory. However, Undertaker escaped, leaving Randy to enter the fray once more. The younger Orton saved his father from a Tombstone, but the Deadman countered Randy's RKO attempt and sent him out of the ring. One Tombstone later and Undertaker had conquered Cowboy Bob.

In addition, three more matches were made for No Mercy, including a Fatal Four Way for the United States Championship. During the Peep Show, Christian told the fans why he deserved a shot at Chris Benoit. This brought out Booker T and Sharmell, and later Orlando Jordan, to state their cases for the opportunity. GM Theodore Long announced that he would let Benoit decide his opponent for No Mercy, then ordered Booker, Christian, and Orlando to compete in a Triple Threat Match. After Jordan pulled out the victory, Benoit toyed with the competitors, before deciding that he would take on all three challengers on october 9.

Prior to SmackDown, Christy Hemme angered Melina in the parking lot by being too loud with her motorcycle. Melina left the altercation with a broken nail, but got revenge later in the night when she defeated Christy with the help on Mercury and Nitro. An enraged Christy attacked Melina after the bell, prompting MNM to go after the fiery Diva. As Mercury and Nitro had Christy set up for the Snapshot, L.O.D. ran in to prevent them from completing the deed. Later, it was announced that L.O.D. and Christy would meet MNM at No Mercy.

After an impressive debut last week, Bobby Lashley picked up another victory, but his celebration was cut short by Simon Dean. Simon offered Lashley a free sample of his Simon System, and announced that they would meet again at No Mercy. Lashley refused Simon's offer, then turned back a Dean attack, sending Simon crashing to the arena floor.



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