In her first major decision as Acting General Manager of SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero made a big decision about the smallest Cruiserweight Champion ever. She told Hornswoggle that he would have to abdicate the title in order to protect himself from the threat of other cruiserweights and members of the locker room. 

Guerrero made the important decision immediately after she was named SmackDown's Acting GM by Mr. McMahon in wake of the tragedy that befell General Manager Theodore Long. (Long has been in a coma since collapsing during his wedding to Kristal last week.)  The decision did not sit well with Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son, but other Superstars see Guerrero's actions as an opportunity.

One such Superstar is Jamie Noble, the man Hornswoggle defeated to win the championship at The Great American Bash. After enduring embarrassments each time he confronted the little guy, Noble is focused not only on winning the title, but also on revenge.

"Nothing will ever take away the personal vendetta I have against Hornswoggle," Noble said. "My time will come. I am a patient person.

"[But]Winning the title will not substitute for what I have planned for Hornswoggle," Noble continued. "Don't get me wrong. I will win the Cruiserweight Title, and then I will deal with Hornswoggle."

Shannon Moore sees the abdication of the championship as a bittersweet moment for him.

"It's kind of sad to see the championship abdicated by Hornswoggle," he said. "On the other hand, I'm very happy because it gives me another opportunity at the title, and it is my time to be Cruiserweight Champion."

The time has never seemed right for Jimmy Wang Yang, who earlier in the year appeared to have won the championship during the Cruiserweight Open at No Way Out, only to see Chavo Guerrero shock the world to win the gold. Yang entered the Cruiserweight Open at The Great American Bash to see his championship dreams once more thwarted by surprise entrant, Hornswoggle. With the title now fair game, Yang wants to be the one to step up and capture the prize.

"I think that Vickie Guerrero had a great idea," said SmackDown's resident redneck. "He was distracted and not able to defend the title often, and now the rest of the cruiserweights can bring that action back to SmackDown. It's the one thing that makes SmackDown so unique."

Whoever steps up and claims the Cruiserweight Championship will undoubtedly garner the glory of a championship. But if Hornswoggle has the vengeful McMahon blood flowing through him, whoever steals the leprechaun's gold may find themselves in the crosshairs of a McMahon rebuttal -- even if it is just knee high.

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