To hell and back

To hell and back

TULSA, Okla. -- Despite World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk once again finding a way to beat The Undertaker, The Phenom will have his chance for revenge against The Straightedge Superstar at Hell in a Cell. And, as per SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, The Deadman's Hell's Gate submission hold is now fully legal.

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. Undertaker by Count-out (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk battled Undertaker in the night's main event, the thoughts of what transpired at WWE Breaking Point were still fresh in the minds of everyone in the WWE Universe. As both Superstars waged war, the action spilled out onto the arena floor. It looked as if Punk was done for, when The Deadman prepared to slam him onto the announce table. But, The Straightedge Superstar managed to avoid being trounced and pushed Undertaker onto the announce table. As the ref neared the 10-count, Punk slithered back into the ring. The Deadman entered right on Punk's tail, but it was not quick enough to avoid the ref's final count of 10.

Hell's Gate legalized (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Last week, Undertaker took Teddy on a limo ride from hell. This week, the GM returned to SmackDown -- bound and gagged in a coffin carried into the arena by Undertaker's druids! After Punk assisted Long in exiting the ominous enclosure, the shaken GM informed Punk he would face The Phenom at Hell in a Cell. And to Punk's dismay, Teddy informed Punk that Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission hold is now fully legal. (Hell in a Cell Match preview)

Intercontinental Champion John Morrison & Finlay def. Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For most of the match, Intercontinental Champion John Morrison could only watch as his partner, Finlay, did his best against big Mike Knox and No. 1 contender Dolph Ziggler. But, as soon as The Friday Night Delight got involved, the momentum began to shift. Then -- after Knox accidentally crushed his own partner with a cross body -- Finlay capitalized on the distraction by smashing Knox in the back of his head with his trusty shillelagh. The Guru of Greatness took advantage, delivering Starship Pain to Knox.

WATCH: "The Palace of Wisdom"

Slam Master J defaced Teddy's office (WATCH)
In an effort to be "down" with Cryme Tyme and Eve, Slam Master J defaced Teddy Long's office with spray paint. The angry GM informed Slam Master J he would face a mystery opponent in a match later in the night.

Kane def. Slam Master J (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Despite wanting to "represent," Slam Master J stood no chance against Kane. The Big Red Monster destroyed his smaller opponent with a monstrous chokeslam.

The Chairman signed Drew McIntyre (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After reminding the WWE Universe of the significance of the upcoming "Decade of SmackDown" special next week, Mr. McMahon announced he signed young Superstar Drew McIntyre to the SmackDown roster. After McIntyre touted himself to the WWE Universe, he was "welcomed" by R-Truth, who attacked the Superstar Mr. McMahon dubbed a future World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista def. Big Show by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show wanted to do what his partner, Chris Jericho, was unable to do last week -- defeat Batista. With lingering feelings from the loss, Jericho lurked at ringside, finally inserting himself in the action when it looked like Big Show might succumb to an ankle lock. But as soon as Jericho jumped in the ring to help, he was met with a brutal Spinebuster and subsequent ankle lock from The Animal. Adding insult to injury, Jericho's infraction ultimately caused Big Show to lose by disqualification.

David Hart Smith def. JTG (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The various associates at ringside proved to be the deciding factor in this bout. First, Natalya saved a potential pinfall over DH Smith by pulling his leg outside the ropes, causing the ref to stop the three-count. Angered by the interference, Eve attacked Natalya. Next, it was Tyson Kidd who got involved, stunning JTG with a cheap kick to the head. With JTG dazed, Smith capitalized, dropping him with a massive suplex.

Biggest Eight-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown history!
Next week on the "Decade of SmackDown" celebration, it will be Undertaker, WWE Champion John Cena & DX vs. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, Randy Orton & The Legacy. (Decade of SmackDown coverage)

Batista announced Rey Mysterio as his partner for Hell in a Cell (WATCH)
In an exclusive interview with Josh Mathews, The Animal dropped the bombshell news that The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio, will be his partner to help take on Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show and Chris Jericho at Hell in a Cell. (Preview)

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