A miraculous recovery

Eddie Guerrero was suffering from a debilitating stomach illness on Friday Night SmackDown, but by the end of the night he was flying through the air like he was 100 percent.

Early in the show, Eddie informed General Manager Theodore Long and network executive Palmer Canon that he was suffering from a mysterious stomach ailment and that he may not be able to team up with Batista for their main event match against MNM. In fact, Eddie had to rush to the bathroom because the illness was causing him to vomit. As the show went on, Eddie's illness only seemed to get worse.

However, when a willing and able nurse came to his aid, Eddie gleefully claimed that she was relieving the pressure that was causing his pain. Batista, looking out for his partner's best interest, brought in the best doctor he could find. Eddie insisted that he was miraculously cured, but the doctor bent him over and gave him a dose of bad medicine in an effort to really cure him.

When Eddie tried to make his way to the ring for his match, it appeared as though the doctor's treatment didn't work after all. Eddie couldn't even make it to the ring apron. Batista was left to fend for himself, and MNM took care of the numbers advantage early on. But the World Heavyweight Champion came storming back, showing his unparalleled power. After Batista hit his monstrous power bomb, Eddie hopped up on the apron, tagged himself in and soared through the air, hitting his patented Frog Splash for the 1-2-3. A shocked and skeptical Batista looked on and seemed pretty annoyed that Eddie stole his thunder. In the end, though, the pair's hands were raised in victory.

Last week, Randy Orton and Undertaker continued their bitter rivalry in another classic match. Orton seemed to have the upper hand and even landed the RKO, but Undertaker was able to persevere. Even after seeing a mirror image of himself in a casket, courtesy of the Ortons, Undertaker came through with the victory. Randy and his father, WWE Hall of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton, addressed the fans from the middle of the ring this week. The ring was decked out with the same coffin that they had used to psyche out Undertaker the previous week. Randy claimed that Undertaker may have beaten him in the match, but the Legend Killer had beaten the Deadman mentally.

With that, Randy peered closer into the casket, examining what he thought was an Undertaker mannequin. But it was actually the real Undertaker, and the Phenom reached up, grabbing Orton by the neck. Undertaker threw him into the casket, prompting the Ortons to retreat. Obviously, this rivalry hasn't ended yet.

Rey Mysterio, fresh off a win against JBL, looked to continue his hot streak Friday night against newcomer Ken Kennedy. Before the match, Kennedy apologized to ring announcer Tony Chimmel for making fun of him over the past few weeks. But Kennedy's true colors soon shone through as he knocked Chimmel down and once again conducted his own introduction. At one point later in the match, it appeared as though Mysterio was going to win the back-and-forth battle. But when Mysterio headed to the top rope to finish off Kennedy, JBL rode out on a horse and distracted Mysterio. That was the advantage Kennedy needed, as he climbed the ropes as well and hit the Green Bay Plunge for the 1-2-3, keeping his undefeated streak alive.

SmackDown also marked the debut of Bobby Lashley. Lashley is a three-time National Amatuer Wrestling Champion, four-time All-American, a two-time Armed Forces Champion and a 2002 Silver Medalist at the Military World Championship, and immediately showed why he has such an impressive resume. Lashley, who is 6-foot-3 and a chiseled 273 pounds, made quick work of Simon Dean, utilizing a wide array of power moves. Lashley even performed several pushups while Dean tried to wear him down with a half-nelson. Lashley polished off his successful debut when he lifted Dean onto his shoulder with a gut wrench and sent him crashing down to the mat face-first.

Orlando Jordan, determined to beat the clock, went one on one with United States Champion Chris Benoit once again. Two weeks ago Benoit broke his already impressive record by defeating Jordan in 22.5 seconds. Jordan seemed to have Benoit scouted a little better this time, avoiding the Crossface in the opening seconds. After Jordan realized the clock had gone past 30 seconds, he became excited but also distracted, allowing Benoit to lock in the Crossface for the win at 49.8 seconds.

Booker T and Christian locked up in the opening match on Friday Night SmackDown. Sharmell had the referee distracted after Booker T hit the Bookend, allowing Christian to kick out at two. But she later redeemed herself when she tripped up Christian, allowing her man to get a roll-up victory. She also later told Booker T that if he's not getting respect he'll have to take it, and that he should get a shot at Benoit's U.S Championship.

The WWE Tag Team Champions were also in action as Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich picked up another win. Also, Hardcore Holly promised to give Sylvan a black eye to match his black boots and trunks and it looked like he accomplished his goal. After decking Sylvan with a vicious punch, Sylvan left the ring, giving Holly a count-out victory.

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