Who is The Miz?

Friday on SmackDown, Mike Mizanin will make his long awaited debut as a competitor in the WWE ring. After working as a host on the show since June 2, the “Tough Enough” runner up will finally be able to put his five years of training to use.

“I want to be champion,” Mizanin told WWE.com. “Every WWE Superstar wants to be the best and I’m no exception. I’m like Shakira. I’ll do it wherever, whenever.”

“The Miz,” who boasts six reality shows on his resume, continued his training despite not winning the 2004 edition of “Tough Enough.” He spent his time since in the WWE Developmental System. Between his recent hard work and his reality television experiences, he has been working to create a large following of “Mizfits.”

“Mizfits are always behind me 100 percent. They love me. It seems like the women want me and the men want to be me, but that’s just all part of being ‘The Miz’.”

Mizanin’s first action in the squared circle promises to be challenging, but if there is anything that isn’t a problem for “The Miz,” it’s confidence.

“‘The Miz’ is all about nerves. There’s Mike Mizanin and then there’s ‘The Miz’,” he explained. “‘The Miz’ comes when I’m in a huge situation. The butterflies in my stomach turn into adrenaline so I can go out and make an impact.”

While his previous television experiences have created “Mizfits,” they have also held him back from breaking out and showing the world what “The Miz” is truly about.

“The fans can expect to see something different. They’re going to see the full fledged ‘Miz.’ I’ve never been able to fully unleash myself because of various restraints.”

He plans on putting that frustration into use on SmackDown to make up for what he lacks in experience.

“When I’m in the ring,” he promised, “it will all come out. You will see ‘The Miz.’ HOO-RAH!”

Don’t miss the start of an era Friday at 8/7 CT on UPN.

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