Terkay speaks out

Tonight on SmackDown, undefeated bully Sylvester Terkay will step into the ring with Tatanka, a competitor that could be Terkay’s toughest opponent to date.

Since his SmackDown debut on July 28, the ominous Terkay has been undefeated in a WWE ring. With the dynamic Elijah Burke in his corner, Terkay is considered WWE’s first true hybrid wrestler – capable of utilizing any of his many mastered grappling techniques.

“I can get it done any way that I want it,” Terkay told WWE.com. “I can switch to kickboxing; I can switch to my amateur wrestling background. If I want to use a submission hold that nobody knows or hasn’t seen before, or if I want to pull something out of my playbook from the dungeons of Japan, [my opponents] aren’t able to scout me.”

For weeks, Terkay has bullied his opponents with punishing body blows and suplexes, along with a variety of weakening submission holds. Not a single man on SmackDown has even taken Terkay off his well trained feet.

“I can bully anyone that I want to because I know how to get it done,” Terkay explained. “If I feel like going out there and slapping someone in the head, so be it. There’s nothing that anyone can do about it.”

According to the man from Big Bear, he not only seeks but also craves competition inside the squared circle. His opponent tonight, Tatanka, is an experienced ring veteran that maintained a lengthy two-year undefeated streak when he first arrived in WWE in the early 1990s. The Native American Superstar has collided with men of Terkay’s size and stature in the past, but possibly none have been as dangerously versatile as Sylvester Terkay.

“Whether I shoot high or shoot low, I’ll find that weakness,” said the confident grappler. “I’m a master of studying the game plan out there and scouting weaknesses. My condition is good; my awareness is good. I’m too strong, I’m too wicked and I’m too crafty,” he added.

For two straight weeks on SmackDown, Tatanka has suffered disappointing losses due to poor calls by WWE referees. If the Lakota tribesman can overcome his string of bad luck and remain focused, Tatanka will prove to be a formidable opponent for Terkay tonight.

Terkay’s corner man, Elijah Burke, offered his own opinion on tonight’s contest. Just as he has been for the past month, Terkay’s outspoken associate told WWE.com that he will be at ringside to proudly raise the arm of the victor.

“This man is a monster…a monster from Big Bear, Calif.,” Burke said. “Regardless of where Tatanka stands on SmackDown, he will face his ultimate challenge tonight in Sylvester Terkay.”

Agreeing with Burke, Terkay reiterated that the impressive winning streak of WWE’s only hybrid athlete is not in any jeopardy tonight against the Native American Warrior…or any other WWE Superstar he may face, for that matter.

“I don’t really feel that I have to worry about anything because I’m the most dominant wrestler on SmackDown,” Terkay said. “Tatanka’s not going to know what hit him.”

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