A Knight to remember

The magical story of King Booker continued on Friday night, as WWE fans witnessed the latest chapter of the fairytale that has come to life on SmackDown. On the 34th day of his reign as King of the World, King Booker invited all loyal subjects and peasants alike to attend a ceremony never before seen in WWE, as he officially bestowed upon Finlay and William Regal the title of "Royal Knight Extraordinaire."

The always splendidly-clad King Booker appeared in the center of the ring, carrying a brilliant sword, flanked by his beautiful Queen Sharmell and the two men who had frequently aided him on his way to becoming King of the World.

"Without a Royal Court, there would be no King," the stately King Booker declared. With that, he handed the microphone to his Queen, who issued the official proclamation for one and all to hear. Finlay and Regal then knelt before the benevolent King, who tapped each of their shoulders and head and conferred upon them their new official titles, "Sir Finlay" and "Sir William Regal."

Sir Finlay gazed toward his gracious King with a proud stare, while Sir Regal was clearly moved. Each of the King's Royal Knights had their own official announcements upon receiving the incredible news.

Sir Finlay reminded the crowd that he and Sir Regal had forced Bobby Lashley to kiss King Booker's royal feet, and that "To anyone else who challenges [King Booker's] royal reign, we will do the same!"

Finlay was proud of the honor, but, as he told WWE.com, becoming a Knight will not change his approach to the competition, or to his fellow Royal Knight Extraordinaire, Sir William Regal.

"It's an honor, but I'll use these things to my advantage -- I am an individual competitor. [My relationship with Sir Regal] will never be mended. It's on and off and on and off. When things are going well, we agree. We just don't get along all the time. He's English, I'm Irish. English and Irish don't get along," said Sir Finlay.

Sir William Regal, appeared on the verge of tears as he rose to greet his King, and had a simple message for the crowd.

"There is only one thing I can say," said the newly knighted Englishman. "All hail King Booker!"

A confident Sir William Regal gave WWE.com his predictions for the future of the King's Royal Court.

"We can take on the world. There is no one that we can't defeat. There is nobody, nor has there ever been in sports-entertainment, that can accomplish what we can. We've got three master craftsmen, three incredibly ferocious people -- people are going to sit up and take notice."

Added Sir Regal, "I hope I become chief torturer. I've always wanted to be a torturer. I've always felt like cutting someone's eyelids off and sticking their head in hot soapy water. I hope I get to do that."
With a court of Royal Knights Extraordinaire now joining King Booker beside his noble Queen Sharmell, SmackDown is truly in the presence of a royal fairy tale. However, as history has proven through the generations, there are always those who wish to overthrow the King, and the SmackDown kingdom is no different.

As the royal knighting ceremony drew to a close, Bobby Lashley and Batista rudely interrupted the Royal Court's procession, storming the ring and attacking the newly knighted Sir Finlay and Sir William Regal. SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long quickly intervened, announcing to the sold-out crowd that the evening's main event would feature King Booker and his two Knights against Batista and Lashley. In that main event, Batista managed to pin King Booker, but this was likely only the first battle in what could become an epic war for King Booker's throne as the SmackDown fairytale continues to unfold every Friday night.

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