Diva Search dessert

The goal for the five remaining Diva Search finalists on this week's Friday Night SmackDown was to take thirty seconds to tell WWE fans the reason they believe they deserve their vote to stay in the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search. Well…that's what the finalists were told anyway.

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, the host of the Diva Search, told the WWE fans on RAW that the contestants would be "in your face." The ambiguity of his announcement left the contestants just as bewildered as the fans. What he meant by that — unbeknownst to the finalists — was that mid-way through their explanation, someone would shove a cream pie into their face. The expression and reaction varied from each contestant.

Layla El kept speaking as if the pie wasn't even covering her face; rubbing it all over her body, showcasing that she can roll with the unpredictability of WWE.

Milena Roucka took her cream pie mask in stride as well. Stopping briefly to laugh before she said, "I love this flavor," as she licked some off of her face.

Erica Chevillar gave a surprised giggle after getting creamed, but as the pie dripped down her face and neck, she told the fans she was willing to do whatever it took — including take a pie to the face — to win the Diva Search competition. 

Jen England began by delivering a heart felt proclamation about how she was truly a Diva at heart, but moments later, she was clearing pie from her eyes, laughing, and joking that there would be payback for the culprit.

The oddest performance — or the funniest — of the night had to go to J.T. Tinney. She stared at the camera…silent…for nearly 15 seconds before the pie hit her in the face and sent her into uncontrollable laughter.

The Diva Search finalists were able to show a different side this week on SmackDown. Usually they're in competition, or trying to do their best to make a lasting impression. The WWE fans were able to see a completely different side of their personality; a more relaxed side that is difficult to show when they're standing in front of jam-packed arenas, vying for $250,000 and a WWE contract.

Unfortunately, the pressure's back on. On RAW, the votes will again be tallied, and another finalist will be sent home. Who will make the final four? Make sure you're vote counts. Vote online or by text message. (More on the contestants and how to vote.)

Watch RAW on Monday night, live on the USA Network at 9/8 CT to see which one goes home.

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