Let the royal festivities begin

Hear ye, hear ye. You are cordially invited to join the celebration in honor of your new World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker, at Friday night's SmackDown.

In the days leading up to The Great American Bash, King Booker vowed to have a royal blowout if he won the championship. Now that the quest for Camelot is complete, WWE.com caught up with King Booker to get more details on his "opulent coronation."

"It's going to be an extravaganza," assured King Booker. "It's going to be a spectacle. The crowning of a new champion: the champion of all champions."

The extravagant but generous king knows a thing or two about throwing party. After winning King of the Ring, King Booker treated everyone at SmackDown to his original coronation ceremony. So how will the crowning of "the champion of all champions" compare?

"It's going to be a festival," beamed King Booker. "It's going to be like Christmas and the Fourth of July all wrapped into one. There will be dancers in the court. There will be confetti and balloons. It's going to be the greatest celebration of all celebrations, all for your king, King Booker. Just like Hercules, I've conquered them all, and now, it's the dawning of a new age; a new light that's shining so bright. I can see it now: King of the World."

King Booker makes some lofty claims, but his accomplishments can't be denied. He beat some of SmackDown's top Superstars to become King of the Ring, and on Sunday, he defeated Rey Mysterio to become the World Heavyweight Champion. His new gold prize is just the most recent conquest for King Booker - he has held more than 30 championships, making him one of the most decorated competitors in the history of sports entertainment.

Whether you agree that he deserves such lavish accolades or not, King Booker's "coronation of all coronations" is a sight you won't want to miss. Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on UPN to see the spectacle.

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