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The whole world in his hands

The whole world in his hands

LAREDO, Texas -- Winning a 20-Man Battle Royal that starred the best the Friday night brand has to offer, The Great Khali left the Laredo Entertainment Center with his gargantuan paws gripping the World Heavyweight Championship. With the crowning of the most monstrous World Champion ever, SmackDown's Superstars came to the stark realization that if they ever wish to climb the mountain toward championship gold, they'll need to scale the tallest peak in sports-entertainment history.

After the 7-foot-3 frame of the brand-new champion parted the curtains leading from the arena to the locker room area, Khali shuffled past the ailing bodies of several unsuccessful Superstars he had beaten in the Battle Royal moments earlier. While they glanced up toward the leviathan as he commenced a new championship reign of terror, WWE.com followed Khali and spoke with his translator-in-tow, Ranjin Singh.

"Didn't you just see that -- what just happened out there?" the elated Singh brazenly posed. "The Great Khali just topped 19 other SmackDown Superstars to earn the World Heavyweight Championship. And now droves of people in India are celebrating this triumphant and historic moment."

According to Singh, Khali's victory signified the very first World Championship win by an Indian competitor. A Punjabi prophecy fulfilled, the colossal warrior stood very tall in a match that included Batista, Kane, United States Champion MVP, Mark Henry and more. Now resting at the zenith of sports-entertainment, Khali's display of raw, brutish power resulted in his permanent etching into the annals of Punjabi lore.

En route to snaring the gold, Khali obliterated and overpowered Superstar after Superstar before ultimately conquering two of sports-entertainment's largest, most dominant athletes (the Big Red Monster and The Animal) at the conclusion of the Battle Royal. This win, Singh explained, will usher in a new, pervasive era under the giant's rule, oppressing the SmackDown ranks and challenging its finest gladiators to take down a monster that will never fall.

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