Count World Heavyweight Champion Batista as among those who think JBL is SmackDown!'s resident bully.

Yet before the night was over in Worcester, Mass., JBL didn't pick on any weakling, but rather the World Heavyweight Champion himself.

Batista managed to defeat United States Champion Orlando Jordan in the main event despite suffering a crushing chair shot from JBL late in the action. However, JBL wasn't done.

While Batista celebrated his victory, JBL took Batista out from behind and then landed a Clothesline From Hell before standing over Batista while he held the World Heavyweight Championship.

JBL and Batista will battle for that very World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash on July 24. Could that image of JBL standing over Batista possibly repeat itself at the pay-per-view?

Meanwhile, Heidenreich made a new and important friend Thursday. After being attacked by WWE Tag Team Champions MNM, Road Warrior Animal stormed the ring to a tremendous ovation to make the save.

Moments later, Heidenreich convinced Animal to let him be his partner in a WWE Tag Team Championship match against MNM at The Great American Bash.

Also, Eddie Guerrero was ready to reveal Rey Mysterio's secret until Latino Heat's wife and two daughters came to the ring and asked their father to stay silent. Guerrero rudely sent them home and later defeated Hardcore Holly in singles action.

After that match, Guerrero announced he would face Mysterio at The Great American Bash and promised to keep quiet if Mysterio won. But if Eddie wins, he promised to reveal the secret.

In other news, Muhammad Hassan, who has been under fire from various media outlets for his actions last week, stayed home this week and instead sent his lawyer to read a prepared statement.

The lawyer said Hassan wouldn't appear on SmackDown! until after he defeated Undertaker at The Great American Bash. Moments later, Undertaker came out and sent his own message by Tombstoning the attorney. Has Undertaker crossed the line by attacking Hassan's legal counsel?

Christian defeated Booker T Thursday. The match actually lasted just a few seconds as Christian threw Booker T into the ring steps and ring post before the match even started. Once the bell rang, Christian slapped on the Unprettier for the victory.

Also, in a wild six-man tag match, the Mexicools won their debut match by defeating Paul London, Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty. But the real story came at the end of the match with Juventud's knee slammed into London's head on the tail end of a 450 splash.

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