Royal beating

The last time fans at the Wachovia Center saw Rey Mysterio, he was being helped to the back by referee Charles Robinson after an attack by Mark Henry. But unbeknownst to the SmackDown fans and viewers, that wasn’t the end of Mysterio’s night.

As Batista continued his assault on Mark Henry around the ringside area, King Booker was waiting for Mysterio in the back. As soon as Robinson helped the World Champion through the curtain, the new No. 1 Contender pounced. In a brutal attack, King Booker pounded the champion, slamming him into tables, equipment cases and anything else within range. Robinson tried to break it up, but Queen Sharmell and the belligerent King kept him at bay.

Finally, after Booker apparently felt the damage was done, he decided to add insult to injury. While holding the champion up, the King called for his Queen to come over with the finishing blow: a vicious kick to the groin. Mysterio dropped instantly, and the satisfied royal couple sauntered away as Robinson rushed to Mysterio’s aid.

King Booker will face Mysterio for the World Championship at The Great American Bash on July 23, and he has definitely made a statement in firing the first shot.

Check out some exclusive photos of King Booker's attack on Rey Mysterio.

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